Southern, Hold the Belle

by Walter Pierce

A style maven who's as edgy as she is sweet

A style maven who's as edgy as she is sweet By Amanda Bedgood

Friday, Nov. 1, 2013

Photo by Robin May

Eden Gifford has a sweet smile and voice like honey. A voice that lets you know she's from down south but not from around these parts.

"Tennessee" she says with that rich accent and enchanting smile. But the sugary Southern Belle comparisons end there as you look down at whatever her latest fashion incarnation is for the day. Sometimes it's vintage (think funky worn Jaws T-shirt) and others it's edgy like the day she posed for IND Monthly in something that was a little bit London Underground and totally Eden.

When it comes to icons you see immediately how very eclectic her vibe is with women like Jean Harlow, Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker as her inspiration. She looks mostly to film for her influence, and when it comes to her ensembles it's clear she is telling a story more than anything else.

"I feel that fashion is all about creating a look, and movies such as Return to Oz and The Craft serve as my inspiration to creating those looks," she says.
When asked who she would be if not her, the blonde says while she's quite happy being Eden, if forced to choose she'd go with Iggy Azalea: "She has amazing style, raps and is completely confident in herself and her abilities as an artist."