Horse Farm 'ideas' deadline Nov. 11

by Leslie Turk

If you missed the community input sessions, don't fret.

You can still share your vision for what you hope to see on the LCG-owned Horse Farm acreage, as it shapes up to become Lafayette's central park.

Residents packed the Rosa Parks center for the first Horse Farm community input session Oct. 23

If you missed the community input sessions Oct. 23-26, hop online here and share your thoughts. But do it by Nov. 11.

The next phase of meetings, Nov. 19-21, will allow residents to review the community's suggestions and choose their favorite plans for the nearly 100-acre tract.

By early December the program should be formalized, with a presentation to the LCG council scheduled for Dec. 16.

With a nod from the council, formal design work on the Johnston Street park will commence.