Amazing art

by Amanda Bedgood

Mixology reception

There's nothing like an arty party, getting a glimpse of beautiful and inspiring pieces. Over at Mixology on Wednesday you get a chance to do just that (and again all over town on Saturday at Art Walk) with a gallery opening and artist reception of Kathy Dumesnil's work and Elizabeth Simon.

If you know Johanna Villarreal of Mixology in the Oil Center you know she has just the eye for this sort of thing and while we can't wait to catch the newest works from Simon and Dumesnil we're also loving the beautiful three dimensional work from Kathy Simon. The artist has created pieces at Mixology that are that perfect homage to Louisiana with oysters but universally great and versatile.

Head out Wednesday between 5:30 and 8 p.m. to check out the newest gallery at the Oil Center spot on Coolidge. The work exhibits from Wednesday through January 6.

(Speaking of art, don't miss a chance to check out new work from the fantastic Brooke Wilke Hoogendoorn at Kelli Kaufman's studio downtown during Art Walk Saturday evening.)