This week in meh: ‘The Gov's Wife'

by Walter Pierce

It's evidently canceled. Cue relief.

Unlike former Gov. Edwin Edward's political career, which concluded in a spectacular, clanging collision with the feds, his much-anticipated A&E reality show has apparently ended with a whimper.

Centering around Edwards' May-December marriage to trophy wife Trina, a former pen pal from his days in Club Fed, The Governor's Wife premiered to decent ratings but saw tens of thousands of viewers spurn it like an inadequate bribe after the first episode. According to The Times-Picayune, which reported Sunday that the show has been canceled, the program lost 35,000 viewers between its first and second episodes on its very first night, and reviews generally ranged from bad to scathing.

A&E aired the four remaining episodes of the first season Sunday morning in a gesture of "Let's get this over with already!"; the show was regularly scheduled for Sunday evenings but A&E chose to air reruns of Duck Dynasty, another show that makes Louisiana look, um, colorful.