Eunice Police Officer acts the fool

by Patrick Flanagan

Not only was there no evidence of erratic driving, but when the driver denies attempting to conceal an unknown item, this overly aggressive Eunice Police officer flat out loses it.

In a Nov. 12 Youtube posting, this video (watch it below), taken from the dashboard camera of an unidentified Eunice police officer's cruiser, raises further questions about the department's ability to effectively protect and serve.

The officer, after pulling a black man over on a claim of erratic driving - a claim the video does not support - is seen quickly losing his cool after telling the driver to pull up his pants. The officer, who at this point had been joined by two additional officers, makes another claim not substantiated by the video: that the driver had attempted to put an unknown item into his mouth. The officer reacts by slamming the driver to the ground, prompting one of his fellow officers to advise him to ease up.

The handcuffed driver, while attempting to deny he'd put any contraband into his mouth as alleged, is treated to the full force of the officer's pent up anger, and is thrown into a choke hold on the trunk of his vehicle.

This incident, which according to a report from KLFY TV 10 is believed to have happened about a year ago, is not the first example of a Eunice police officer violating the rights of the public. The last such incident (as reported by The IND here) involved Alexander Lege and his attempts to video local law enforcers on the job. Lege's actions, it's worth noting, were described by Eunice Chief of Police Ronald Dies as an act of "borderline terrorism." Now we have a pretty good understanding why Dies didn't like the idea of his officers being videoed, as this Nov. 12 Youtube posting certainly raises the question: Just who are the real "terrorists" roaming the streets of Eunice?