Pigged out

by Kari Walker

Traditional Cajun food preparation and seasonal produce create a dinner under the stars.

It was fiddles, good company and a full moon as local foodies gathered at Bayou Teche Brewery for Cochon de Lune, a culinary fundraiser for Acadiana Food Circle. The meal was inspired by a cochon de lait, a traditional Cajun pig roast, and thanks to Toby Rodriguez of Lache Pas Boucherie et Cuisine, a Youngsville-raised pig was roasted and devoured under the trees and twinkling lights in Arnaudville. The suckling pig was accompanied by a freshly prepared pumpkin slaw with microgreens and a Steen's Syrup vinaigrette along with other seasonal vegetable sides made by Jeremy Conner of Village Café and his crew.

Photos by: Lucius A. Fontenot and Tyler Thigpen

Left: Jeremy Conner of Village Café and Julie Remillard

Right: Toby Rodriguez butchering the pig

Dinner guests were also treated to tours and tasting of brews by Bayou Teche - a crowd favorite was a cold glass of LA-31 Boucanèe with smoked wheat flavors to complement the pig. Local musicians like Wilson Savoy of the Pine Leaf Boys and Diego Martin-Perez showed up to lend their talents to impromptu Cajun jams. The evening ended with refreshing satsuma sorbet and a couche couche gelato inspired by the classic Cajun cornbread and milk dish interpreted by Silvia Bertolazzi of Carpe Diem.

Photo by: Lucius A. Fontenot

Silvia Bertolazzi dishes up sides at Cochon de Lune

Photo by: Tyler Thigpen

A Cajun jam begins while the pig roasts

The pig may have been the star of the show, but Cochon de Lune and Acadiana Food Circle provided the opportunity for locals to learn where their food comes from and how the art of long-standing traditional Cajun food preparations have a place in today's foodie world to make mouth-watering meals with simple and fresh ingredients.