Beer and boots

by Amanda Bedgood

1,000 Mile boot event

Genterie has that combination of refined gent full of taste without the pretension. All American in one breath and innovative at once. And come Friday you can get a glimpse at one of the many pieces that give the downtown store that unique vibe - Wolverine's 1,000 Mile collection.

The boots are among this IND Styler's favs when it comes to men's footwear. With a nearly vintage vibe and timeless appeal, the 1,000 mile boot is part of a collection from stand by brand Wolverine that's as attractive as it is utilitarian. Inspired by the designs from more than a century ago that launched the beloved brand, the 1,000 mile boot is a durable creature that just looks better with time.

On Friday the gents of Genterie have an evening of beer and boots planned with sips from Parish Brewing Company and a chance to place special orders for the boots. And FYI, they can also order for the ladies. (A collection that's a cool and eclectic as the men's.)