Shopping in style

by Amanda Bedgood

What to wear on the hunt

Shopping is serious business. I mean it. If you're not prepared, you won't be able to hang. I've seen many an amateur on Black Friday hobbling away too early because they chose the wrong shoes or struggling to balance that giant boho bag on one shoulder while hauling a flat screen that's on sale for $3. So this holiday shopping season I'm giving you some easy recs for just what to wear to ensure you'll be the last one standing with those 64 DVDs you snagged for a quarter a pop.

Let's start with shoes. Pictured are this IND Styler's favorite boots in the world - universe even - The Frye. Locally find them at Brother's on the Boulevard or Shoe La La. I've had a pair for about seven years and they're finally broken in. Here's the disclaimer: don't wear Fryes for the first time on Black Friday. Break them in properly first. The point here is that you wear something that's comfy and supportive enough for a day of digging through the bargains. (Bonus: a pair of tough boots like this ensure you don't lose a toe in the mad rush for those quarter DVDs.)

The second important all day shopping accessory - the bag. You may be tempted to lug around a big satchel to ensure you have room for snacks and other items. It's not worth it. Just ask your back. A simple little crossbody like this one from kiki (Tory Burch) is big enough for everything you need.

This IND Styler's go-to shopping outfit is similar to this ensemble from Vanessa V. - slouchy sweater, easy tank and leggings. Comfort is key and layers are great to ensure you're comfy no matter the temps. After all, nothing heats up a cold afternoon like a throng of bargain thirsty shoppers.