Shapes that forgive

by Amanda Bedgood

Dress fabulous and enjoy that second slice of pie

They say everything in moderation. Clearly they've never been to Thanksgiving around my house. We eat. Then we eat some more. And after that. We eat a little bit more. And yet, we take pictures and there's always the pressure to look at least a little bit cute. With succulent turkey and pumpkin pie (two slices, please) in mind, here are three easy-to-wear options that still look fabulous.

Over at Hemline an easy black dress with embellishments on the sleeves disguises a multitude of holiday eating sins and shows off killer legs. We love the versatile black top from Vanessa V. It can have more coverage, go one shoulder or off-the-shoulder for a look that's flowy but flattering. Perfect with colored denim or printed leggings.

Brother's on the Boulevard proves easy dressing is still sexy with this long sleeved black dress with gold piping. Perfect with little booties and cut to leave some room around the waist. Pass the gravy.