‘Voice' star Boudreaux does special DTA Thursday

by Walter Pierce

He throbbed our hearts and now he's coming home.

He throbbed our hearts and now he's coming home. Singer Ray Boudreaux, who made a deep, daring run on NBC's The Voice singing competition but was ultimately voted off the show last week because of cheatin', lyin' bastards, will perform for an extra and extry-special Downtown Alive! concert on Thursday in Parc Sans Souci. The hometown hero will be joined by a few special, surprise guests.

Kate Durio, Downtown Lafayette's director of marketing and events, rolled up her sleeves to git 'er done: "We heard that it is one of Ray's dreams is to play DTA! and we are making it happen to show our support for him and what a wonderful job he's done of representing Lafayette, Louisiana and our local music," says Durio. "Ray was a talented musician before the show and he's only growing as a performer. It's necessary for Lafayette to celebrate with this special edition of Downtown Alive! for Ray and his fans."

Necessary indeed.

Concession sales begin at 5:30 p.m. The music will run from 6-8:30. Leave the ice chests and Coors Lite-stuffed backpacks at home or Ray will only perform Tony Orlando medleys.

Photo by: Kari Walker

Ray Boudreaux in a recent interview with Chris Reed of HOT 107.9 at The District