Shutdown Jr. says Shutdown Sr. will run for gov

by Walter Pierce

That would be Congressman John Fleming talking about Sen. David Vitter.

Louisiana Congressman John Fleming, who last October following the shutdown of the federal government vowed to shut 'er down again in 2014, tells a north Louisiana radio station that his buddy Sen. David Vitter, who with Senate colleague Ted Cruz led the charge to shut down the federal government, has "all but announced" he will run for governor in 2015.

How does Fleming know? Fleming is a physician, and he's close to Vitter, and they share that shutdown simpatico: "Vitter is very, very close to announcing he is going to run," Fleming tells 710 KEEL.  "I'm just saying that I know him personally. He hasn't said anything to me personally, but just gauging the signals he's putting out there, he's all but announced that he's running."

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