She's ba-ack!

by Walter Pierce

The Denham Springs woman who placed Christmas lights in the shape of a butter finger on her roof in a display of anger directed at neighbors has doubled the trouble for the 2013 holiday season.

Sarah Childs decided to go doubly offensive for this holiday season, extending not one but two lit-up middle fingers to neighbors in her otherwise quiet Denham Springs neighborhood.

Last year, following spats with un-named neighbors whom she accused among other things of stealing her dog, Childs placed Christmas lights on her roof in the shape of the butter finger. Neighbors complained. The cops were called. The American Civil Liberties Union intervened on her behalf and the city backed off.

This year child's was back at it, but after someone scaled her roof - she doesn't live in the home, according to The Advocate, which reported this new twist in the saga - and tore the lights down, Childs decided to double the gesture.

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