Medium Rare

by Patrick Flanagan

Choice cuts from Acadiana's news media for Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013:

Choice cuts from Acadiana's news media for Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013:

Body cams for Eunice PD
The Eunice Police Department has joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department in issuing body cams to its officers, as reported here by Eunice Today. The move, it's worth noting, comes on the heels of several incidents in recent months in which citizens were arrested for videoing the department's officers in the line of duty, as well as a recently leaked dashcam video showing an officer using excessive force during a routine traffic stop.

School boards suing state over flawed funding forumula
The Vermilion Parish School Board, according to this report by Vermilion Today, has joined the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board in a lawsuit against the state claiming the per-pupil funding formula, known as the Minimum Foundation Program, or MFP, has been flawed since 2010. The lawsuit, if successful, could translate into an increase of $200 million in MFP funds distributed to school districts statewide, but would still require final approval by the state Legislature.

The holiday spirit gets infectious
In this report from KATC, one New Iberia woman's efforts to provide Christmas gifts for the area's less fortunate children proved infectious, inspiring one man to join in on the spirit of giving by cooking Christmas dinner for the family of a single mother of two whose only income comes from working at McDonald's.

Digging along the Teche
An archeological effort is under way along the Bayou Teche in Iberia Parish to unearth remnants of the area's first Acadian settlers who arrived from Nova Scotia in the mid 18th century. As reported here by the Acadiana Advocate, funds are being raised for the project, which is slated to begin this summer.

A day like any other
Here's a report from The Daily Advertiser about those who spent Christmas like it was just another day.