Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

The song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was made for Acadiana, ladies! Y'all have been out and about, having some fun and looking fabulous while doing it. Party Girl is glad to see so many girls keeping in touch and celebrating their friendship; it's a great reason to have lunch and a cocktail! The Sisters of the Seventy-Seven, or SOS Club, is a group of girls who graduated from Cathedral Carmel in 1977 and lunch once a month at different restaurants around town. The girls' April meeting at La Fonda was extra special, as they said goodbye to Jan Bernard Angele, who's moving to Houston. Sounds like some road trips to Houston might be in order for this group, and Party Girl hears Jan is already planning a shopping trip. "We had all of La Fonda interested in our festivities and closed down the restaurant that night," says Nannette Louvierre. See y'all around town, girls.

At Don's Downtown, another group of girls celebrated the seventh birthday of their club. The Red Hat Society Oldies but Goodies Chapter of Lafayette recognized National Red Hat Society Day with wine, lunch and lots of laughs. The society began in 1997 when a woman gave her friend a red hat and a copy of the poem "Warning," which talks about women growing old and wearing purple. The gesture grew to become a phenomenon, with chapters forming all over and women celebrating their age and sisterhood by wearing red hats and purple outfits. Margaret Gremillion, Joan Silver, Nell Rogers, Pat Hebert, Debbie Zumalt and Pat Horaist donned their hats and varying shades of purple for the occasion.

Not to leave out the boys, Steven Hebert's birthday included splashes of color of a different nature. Steven and the guys met at Splatz in Scott for a day of paintball and fun. The guys were bruised and battered all morning and rewarded themselves after with some burgers at Pete's and some baseball at the UL vs. Florida game that afternoon. Steven's son Elliot came out to challenge his dad, as did his father Harry and friends Rex Steele and Gerald Judice. Party Girl knows guys like to have fun too!

Back to sisterhood for a minute, the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants comes out soon. If y'all haven't heard of it, or the book it's based on, turn on the TV or get to a bookstore soon. Party Girl and her friends can join the sisterhood by donating our used jeans to Goodwill, so Party Girl challenges each of you to get rid of that pair of jeans that you've been waiting to fit into or that you really didn't need in the first place. Let's spread our fashion around!

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