Style that reigns

by Amanda Bedgood

Mardi Gras madness begins

In other parts of the universe there is but a day (at most) for Mardi Gras. Around here it's a bit more. It's a season full of fashion and style and party, party, parties. It all kicked off on Saturday in earnest when Prissy Wilson ruled over the Rio ball. The fashionista was tapped as queen to Lawrence Svendson's king and the crowd was brimming with gals and gents alike looking fantastic.

This IND Styler found the black and white thing to be quite the trend. Add a bit of lace to the ensemble and you were in good company for looking fabulous. Kiki Frayard did black like no one else with a vintage dress and fingerless gloves for a look that was equal parts edge and demure. Christine Lemoine killed it in a long black dress with rhinestone details. A posse of Svendson gals were beautiful in lace trimmed black and sexy sleek black while we also spotted lovely ladies in white and dapper dudes in white jackets - so very Casablanca and fashion forward at once. Sharon Moss wore a little white dress that was a lovely contrast to that raven hair. And Stefanie Tullia was sexy in a lace-sleeved dress with a mile high slit.

Nandi Linscombe was a vision as Octopussy and 007 Gil Zaunbrecher was a sharp dressed fella in a shimmering tux. (His wife Tanya was smoking in a serious red dress.)

The gal who ruled the night, however, was certainly Queen Isabel herself - HRH Prissy Wilson. With billowing plumes of white feathers and a rhinestone-decked ensemble, the blonde with the magnetic personality nearly found an outfit as sparkling as the woman herself.

View the gallery below, or head on over to Facebook and check out our album of all things Rio.

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