Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

It's been another week full of great food and new fashions. I hope y'all enjoyed the debut of my "Notable Nuptials" column. Stay tuned for more from the wedding front. But for now, I've got to get y'all up to date on the party scene. La De Dah! boutique celebrated its grand opening recently with a fashionable cocktail party. Mother-daughter team Michelle and Emily Johnson have an eye for fashion and business. Michelle also owns Salon Des Amis just a few buildings down from the boutique, so these two are always ready for a night out on the town. Party Girl had her eyes peeled for the latest trends this night. Several models strutted around the store showing off espadrilles and wedges, flowing tops and lots of fresh color. Michelle and Emily's special "La De Dah!" martinis were also a hit. And what would a grand opening be without a few giveaways? Anna Forester took home a $200 gift certificate. Congrats on the new venture, girls. Party Girl had a fabulous time and will be back soon!

A step up from a cocktail party, Chef Al Massa's dinner party for Preis, Kraft & Roy's Summer Law Clerk Social tempted Party Girl's tastebuds. Straight from Emeril Lagasse's kitchen, Chef Al served up the finest cuisine and showed off his culinary talents at the home of Chistine and Edwin Preis. Black Pepper crusted Tuna with Saffron Poached Shrimp and Kalamata Aioli is just one of the chef's creations, but the name itself proves he'll be a hit at Lafayette's Town House Restaurant, where he'll be executive chef when the restaurant opens later this summer. "Chef Al not only brought new flavors and styles of cuisine to our party, he 'wowed' our guests with gourmet techniques. â?¦ He fit in just like he had known us all of his life!" says Christine. See you soon Chef Al. And this just in, Monitos Tapas Restaurant is now scheduled for opening in October. I know you've all been waiting as patiently for the opening as Party Girl has, but until then, do your tapas homework, and serve up some stuffed olives or salted almonds at home.

If you're not brave enough for tapas, just fire up the grill in the back yard. That's what the annual Justice Grillin' for Multiple Sclerosis Hamburger Cookoff did May 27. Held at River Ranch, the cookoff offered a choice of 23 different types of hamburgers, from vegetarian to spicy to blue cheese-filled, and more than 800 guests voted on the winner; Van Eaton & Romero Burger Brokers were the People's Choice. In the spirit of competition, a friendly rivalry that developed a couple cookoffs ago between the Lafayette City Marshal's office and Gachassin Law Firm continued and made for some interesting fun. The Marshal's office dressed in prison suits and "fried" Gachassin Law Firm in the electric chair to beef up the competition, all to some great oldies performed live by The Hurricanes, a band made up of local doctors and lawyers. The night was a success, raising almost $20,000!

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