Printed pants that rock

by Amanda Bedgood

The new Viereck pant

Vanessa V.'s Vanessa Vicari loves her some Viereck. It's no surprise then that the beloved brand found only at her store locally was her top pick for her spring obsession. She pointed quickly to a new pant from the maker of all things maxi dress and Hot Sake.

"They are a great fit. Non wrinkle fabric. Great prints I get to hand pick," Vanessa says.

The pants will go up to XL in prints perfect for spring and summer and they'll arrive in stores mid February. And like many printed pants, they can probably work year round when paired with the right tops. Pants that look great without ironing? Definitely obsessed.

This IND Styler loves a printed pant with everything from low motoboots and a fitted top and cardi to a voluminous thin sweater and long scarf.

Stay tuned as we visit Lafayette's tastemakers on their obsessions for spring.