Medium Rare

by Patrick Flanagan

Choice cuts from Acadiana's news media for Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014:

Choice cuts from Acadiana's news media for Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014:

Matthew McConaughey, left, and Woody Harrelson, pictured in HBO's new crime drama True Detective.

In case you didn't know ...
If it's on TV it's gotta be true; right? Not so fast. According to this report from Eunice Today, HBO's new crime drama True Detective - which stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as two detectives investigating a 1995 cold case murder of a prostitute found in a sugar cane field in Vermilion Parish - is, however surprising, not based on true events, despite the implication in the show's title. To verify, the paper spoke with Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon, who headed the office's narcotics division in 1995. While the police cruisers and uniforms seen in the show match up with those used back in 1995, according to Couvillon, the murder depicted in the show never happened. To further verify, the paper also spoke with Erath Police Chief Gerald Hebert, a 30-year veteran law enforcer who once and for all lays the matter to rest, saying "As long as I have been in law enforcement, there has not been any woman found murdered the way the lady was in the show. It's all fiction."

After school special
Get this: Darius Sias, the former Iberia Parish principal arrested in 2008 for possession of cocaine, marijuana, illegal firearms and counterfeit money, among other charges, apparently thinks his termination from the school system in 2009 was unjust. Sias - whose felony and misdemeanor trials are still pending but could begin in the coming weeks - claims the drugs found inside his home by narcotics officers weren't his, but rather, belonged to one of his students, according to this report by The Daily Iberian. The reason Sias thinks his termination as principal should be reversed - apparently it's okay to get high with your students - is because the officer who found the drugs in his home also got into trouble a few months later for burglarizing a number of homes between Lafayette and Iberia parishes. Again, Sias admits to keeping a student's drugs in his home, and smoking them even, but since the guy who arrested him also got arrested, well, that makes it all okay, though apparently the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal didn't agree and denied his appeal.

When tea time turns sour
Timothy Campbell of Gueydan, according to this news brief from Vermilion Today, found himself in "hot water" on Tuesday after a grand jury indicted him for hitting his sister Peggy with a teapot and his daughter Jacqueline with his hand (we're guessing the teapot didn't make it through the first altercation). Campbell's son Jean Jacque Campbell also got involved, hitting his aunt Peggy, who'd just been hit by her brother with a teapot. He too was indicted Tuesday. Sounds like this family could use some courses in anger management, or at least consider a switch to coffee, or perhaps they should just cut out the caffeine all together.