The kimono craze

by Amanda Bedgood

Spring's easy vibe

We talk a lot about the boho vibe and this spring it arrives fresh (as noted by experts like Christina Barbier in our #obsessed series) with a refined edge. If you're less than a boho fanatic one of the easiest ways to turn your basics into a refine bohemian vibe lies in one of this IND Styler's favorite pieces - the kimono.

Kimonos are a nearly one size fits all piece (a unicorn of the fashion world) that can go easily from day to night and with everything from skinny pants to voluminous bell bottoms (our favorite) to snug little dresses. A great kimono gives coverage without looking matronly and has an effortless essence that's tough to fake.

We love this spring hued piece at Maven Womenswear that has a colorful body that looks nearly hand painted with a stark border. It would look great with a little slip dress or funky wide pants and a fitted tank.

At Hemline a couple of white kimonos are a great spring transition that will pair beautifully with even the most wildly printed bell bottoms slated to arrive.