Dish of the Day: Social's kimchi frites

by Kari Walker

Korean flavors and crispy potatoes pair in this new menu item

Social Southern Table and Bar celebrated its one year anniversary and rolled out its new menu items earlier this week and one of the newest additions is the kimchi frites - a comforting crispy dish blended with Korean flavors. IND Eats was served a generous sized bowl of Social's handcut fried potatoes topped with ribbons of spicy mayonnaise, diced onion, kimchi, cilantro and Korean chili dust.

Photo by Kari Walker

Kimchi frites at Social Southern Table and Bar

Kimchi is a traditionally a spicy pickled cabbage side dish that also happens to be the national dish of Korea. Locally, kimchi can be found at Asian markets or specialty grocery stores. The addition of the kimchi to the frites at Social, along with all the other profiles, create a taste of umami and palate pleasing flavors - consider this dish to be if greasy cheese fries had a mature older brother.

Other new dishes at Social to give a try are the Social Caesar salad, the smoked chicken salad and corned beef sandwiches and the local roasted quail. As for new cocktails, IND Eats toasted the anniversary celebration with the Mimosa Gone Right.

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