Grammy style pales

by Amanda Bedgood

The (super) short best dressed list

I love Grammy style. Style - not fashion. The Grammy's provide the best red carpet because I can just hear the stylists as musicians choose dresses warning them they'll make the "worst dressed" list and not caring a lick. Because musicians are who they are and unfazed by things like "worst dressed" lists. They are artists. I would imagine, anyway. I'm not a musician. So, that brings me to the truth that in terms of fashion the list of fantastic dresses is short. But, the list of uber personality at something like the Grammy's - huge.

The truth of my headline actually lies in the fact the very best dressed all eschewed color for pale hues - Beyonce, Anna Kendrick and Taylor Swift. Starting at the top, Swift is this IND Styler's best dressed. The girl could eat a donut or seven, but that dress killed it. The shimmering Gucci was actually metal and heavy as all get out (and we can assume weighed more than the slim Swift) and was perfection along with her makeup and hair.

Beyonce was a beauty in a Michael Costello dress that was certainly a risky choice. The white curve-contouring dress showed us that while models with few curves are what we oft see in high fashion, we would be loathe to find a narrow model on the plant that would look better. In other words, real women rejoice - real bodies are real hot.

Actress Anna Kendrick wowed with an Azarro dress that was super sexy, svelte and modern all at once. Her beautifully fair skin was stunning against the soft dove grey and her side swept hair is proof that the classics are a classic for a reason.