Vanessa swim

by Amanda Bedgood

Local boutique dips toe in swimwear

Baby, it may be cold outside, but today we are talking swimwear. There are few things this IND Styler dreads more than facing the swimwear fitting room. I'm not alone. Vanessa Vicari of Vanessa V. Boutique wants to change that. And come spring she's rolling out swimwear for the first time ever.

What can we expect? A bevy of mix and match options aimed at minimizing the flaws and maximizing the assets. She says much of what she's picked is with a specific customer already in mind.

"Swimwear is the hardest thing to shop for so I wanted to give my customers the feeling they have after they find that perfect outfit at my store we know our customers so well it's almost like we are hand picking suits - so and so has smaller legs and a bigger stomach so she will like something like this because it has shape wear in stomach area' and we have a good selection of prices as well as the problem areas," she says.

She wants women already comfortable in the store to have a place to go for swimwear where they feel confident trying on the suits with the people they know and trust to give them honest feedback and she notes they will open at other times for the comfort of customers. The idea for swimwear can perhaps be attributed to Vicari's Disney obsession.

"I love Disney and Disney water parks. You have to leave your resort, walk to a bus, take Disney bus to the park, walk to park, walk miles around the water park, ride the rides, walk back to the bus I found a swimsuit I could wear the entire time and felt comfortable and I was even okay to take pictures. Any woman knows regardless of size that is the worst. So I pretty much felt I found the perfect swimsuit and I wanted to bring that feeling to my customers. I felt great and didn't feel like I looked like I was trying to cover. I felt like a cute mom' and I knew I could give my customers the same feeling," she says.

Vicari says the pieces they will carry will run the gamut of style and aim to keep everything in its place, look appropriate and not feel like you're wearing a tent. Sign us up.