The New Bohemian

by Amanda Bedgood

Spring's Eclectic Vibe

I love fashion, to be sure. But I also really love what I love whether it's on the cutting edge of style or not. When those two meet it's a love affair I am powerless to ignore. And that's just what's happening this spring as the boho vibe arrives anew - with a delicious dose of refinement. Think Stevie Nicks and Penny Lane had a styling session with Rachel Zoe. Things are a bit rustic and a bit luxurious all at once.

Rather than piles of wild prints and accessories for days, the new boho is a bit more streamlined and requires but one or two pieces with great panache infused into an otherwise demure wardrobe. These looks tell a story about those who wear them more than they do about fashion. With so many pieces, it's a vibe that can shape, mold and change to reflect the heart of the wearer.

It's the shape of this vibe that, above all, appeals to the boho-loving soul in me. It starts with these pants I can't get enough of. You know the huge ones with the wild prints and the belled bottoms. Vanessa V. has a brand new dose of them thanks to Viereck. They are just the kind of piece I can wear all day to work, then pick up the kid and run errands and still look cute for dinner. At Brother's, Free People brings the wear-anywhere hippie chic cool to life. The brand's lovely white dress is easy and perfect with the season's low boots. Add a floppy hat and you're ready to go.

At Maven Womenswear we find a bevy of my other obsession - the kimono. It's the quick way to take nearly any piece in your wardrobe to an eclectic place. Throw it over a tank and leggings, a snug little dress or even those wild pants we love so very much. Kimonos are both ageless and figure flattering for any size. True love.