The classic

by Amanda Bedgood

Beauty that wows today and tomorrow

There's a reason the classics are, well, classics. It's very true in the beauty department. As Mardi Gras balls approach we break down how to get the classic look because while trends are just the sort of thing we love here at IND Style, looking great is what it's really about.

Red lips are a surefire way to brighten any face. Even if you're not a red lipstick devotee, there's truly a shade for everyone, and there's no time like Mardi Gras to give it a whirl. Try a classic red and then top with a gold gloss for warmth for olive skin or a pinky gloss to give it a more blue tone for your undertones. All reds are not created equal - experimenting is key.

Balance. You've heard it before, but it truly is the key to pulling off style from beauty to clothing proportions. Keep skin smooth, lips vivid and eyes subtle. Use a healthy dose of mascara to define, but keep the smoky eyes in check for another day (one that includes a subtle lip).

Bigger isn't always better. Hair done right (even for a formal affair) doesn't have reach the heavens. A smooth look with hair side swept is just the way to show off cheekbones without putting that teasing comb into overdrive.