Shimmer down

by Amanda Bedgood

The sparkling Mardi Gras gown

If ever there's a time for some bling, it is now. Mardi Gras begs for embellishment, feather and glitter in a way no other celebration does. And so two dresses that bring the shimmer while remaining utterly chic caught this IND Styler's eye.

At Brother's on the Boulevard a timeless dress with a figure flattering twist in the middle in my fav color (basic black) is Mardi Gras ready with a lovely metallic sheen. Just add serious earrings and side swept hair for a look that's Old Hollywood glam.

Speaking of glam, the gals over at 7 Chics have amassed a serious collection of ball-worthy dresses of the most sparkling glam variety. We love love this rose gold (still super hot in the world of accessories) gown that will make anyone a golden goddess. Bonus: the cut is the perfect way to show off those tone arms. And with so much glitter, a simple earring and chic, polished updo are all you need to finish the look.