C'est what? Bouillion gets slighted in alleged bribery scheme

by Patrick Flanagan

Lafayette Parish School Board member Kermit Bouillion says insurance consultant Rina Tikia never offered him tickets to a New Orleans Saints game; here's what he did get ...

Photo by Robin May

"All I ever received from Mrs. Tikia is an egg omelet," says LPSB member Kermit Bouillion.

In a follow-up to the story The IND broke Wednesday on the New Orleans Saints tickets that insurance consultant Rina Tikia offered to at least two members of the Lafayette Parish School Board, The Daily Advertiser spoke with board member Kermit Bouillion. But unlike his fellow board members Mark Cockerham and Shelton Cobb, Bouillion seems to have gotten a bit of the shaft from Tikia.

"My answer is no. Also, no board member ever told me that they had received Saints tickets," Bouillion tells the Advertiser. "All I ever received from Mrs. Tikia is an egg omelet at Hub City Diner."

Unlike the Saints tickets, Tikia's offering to pick up the tab at Hub City likely wouldn't be in violation of the state's ethics code, unless, of course, Bouillion ordered one outrageously expensive omelet.