Ballin' with style

by Amanda Bedgood

The most 'fabulous' ball of them all

It was Friday and while people were making plans about Valentine's Day I was musing about what to wear to Apollo. I doubt I was alone. In the accurate words of a friend - "I'm sure whatever I would wear to Apollo would never be quite fabulous enough." Everything pales in comparison to a ceiling-brushing feather ensemble that weighs more than my toddler.

Apollo didn't disappoint this year. From the opening production - Captain America a la krewe captain Sherman Mire who proposed to partner on stage - to the final wave from new king Mitch Reed. It was a lot of glitter and a whole lotta fabulous. Sometimes there's not a word that works like fabulous. Apollo is fabulous. (Even the press passes were cute.)

This IND Styler decided on a red dress and red lips. We spotted so many styslish gals (some born as girls and some well, you get the picture) it's hard to narrow them down. And, of course, a healthy dose of gents. Muffy LeBlanc and her posse of Hemline ladies killed it. LeBlanc was beautiful in black with her long blonde hair. One of our favorite models Brandon Barrett looked dapper (as usual) and we loved his splash of color thanks to a vivid green shirt. Queen Apollo XXVI Jason Guilbeau made the trek from NOLA and looked handsome in a classic tux. Nandi Linscombe and Pamela Lamb were tall beauties in black. Mandy Grayson was sugary sweet in a perfectly pink sparkling dress and glossy black hair. But, it was probably Valerie Sugarbaker that stood headand shoulders above the rest in stunning blue dress with legs that went on for days.

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