Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Party Girl loves Missy Cannon's plan for her new gallery, Flowers into Paintings, located at 201 Westmark Blvd. Ste. E. Missy specializes in flower preservation and wants to complement the downtown art scene art world by reaching new audiences and other local artists. The grand opening celebration was held a few weeks ago, with more than 100 supporters walking through the doors. Missy's good friend, Jill Tauzin-Broussard from Jill Marie's Gallery on Jefferson Street, also showcased artwork that night. Jill and Missy sold lots of paintings on opening night. "I was overwhelmed with the response and support from my family and friends," Missy says. Party Girl saw just about everybody in town there, including Jonathon Marino and Kay Foret. Some of Missy's good friends from Hub City Diner catered her party, and pianist Mike Guidry set the mood. Look for Jill and Missy at the Big Easel in River Ranch this March and of course check out Missy's new gallery ' it's a very inviting place with an open-door policy. Party Girl loves an open invitation; you never know when I might show up at your party!

When you get the itch for a short road trip to Grand Coteau, check out the open-door socials at Casa Azul Gifts on Martin Luther King Drive. On Saturday, Feb. 17, Party Girl stopped by for a Mardi Gras party and some discounted purple, green and gold items. Co-owner Patrice Melnick has more socials in the works as a daytime cousin for the shop's Open Mic Nights, the free shindigs where all poets, musicians, storytellers and listeners alike are welcome. Party Girl filled up on king cake and other goodies at Casa Azul before heading to New Orleans for another round of parties and parades.

Mixed Nuts ' now that's an interesting title for an art exhibit. Watercolor artist Jebbye Moroux and ceramist Tom Ladousa recently held an artists reception at The Frame Shop & Gallery 912 in the Oil Center. It's always a pleasure for Party Girl to see all of the art lovers out and about and the fashion notables in attendance. Among the guests were James Bayard, Cassie Dugal, Virginia Yongue, Janie Bayard, Dutch Kepler and Jamie Crain. Whimsical watercolors, vibrant ceramic art, good friends and patrons filled the gallery.

The show continues through March 17, so there's still time to get nutty!

Party On! ' PG