‘Ducknappers' apprehended!

by Walter Pierce

Two Lafayette men have been revealed by police as the infamous duo behind a caper that shook our fair city to its core.

We can all rest easy now, folks.

A pair of Lafayette men has been revealed, according to police, as the infamous "ducknappers" behind a caper that shook our fair city to its core: the theft of a 14-foot inflatable duck that belongs to the Boys & Girls Club of Acadiana. They allegedly stole from the chirrens. Justice, whither thy swift response?!

Garcon (French for "boy") Cormier, left, and Kyle (Gaelic for
"narrow") Cormier

Look into the eyes of Garcon and Kyle Cormier and see one of two things: pure evil, or frat boys who got buzzed and did something stupid.

Now look away!

The Cormiers - Garcon is 21, Kyle 25 - were nabbed by cops after a surveillance image of a Chevy Silverado, big duck in tow, was put out by Crime Stoppers and social media got its hands on it. The alleged theft occured Feb. 27.

Justice for all of the Hub City may have been served today.

Police say more arrests are expected. Fortunately the duck was recovered, although its condition is unknown. But the Cormier boys, we suspect, are feeling a little deflated at present.

Now here's Janet with the weather ...