Dish of the day: Tsunami's TsuTakka and Hung Lo roll

by Kari Walker

New menu items ready for the Lenten season

It's the first Friday of the Lenten season and odds are you're trying really hard to remember that today you can't have a cheeseburger. Make your way over to Tsunami located at 412 Jefferson Street for sushi and Asian cuisine with Cajun flair.

Tsunami recently updated its menu by adding over 20 new items - without a doubt you can find something different to try every Friday during Lent to satisfy your hunger. One of the new dishes worthy of trying is the Tsunami TsuTakka - a sky-high tower of sticky rice, snow crab, spicy tuna and avocado with yuzu, bonito and a sambal sesame soy sauce. Think of this dish as an avant-garde deconstructed sushi roll perfect as a starter while mulling over what else to order for the table.

Photos by Kari Walker

Tsunami TsuTakka is one of the many new menu items worth trying

When it comes to the big decisions of choosing from the lengthy list of sushi rolls, be sure to put a check mark next to the Hung Lo roll. It began as a favorite on the Tsunami Baton Rouge menu and has made its way across the Atchafalaya Basin with good reason - the Hung Lo is a mixture of tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber and jalapeƱo wrapped in rice and topped with snow crab, seared tuna and crispy onions. This roll delivers a blend of spice, cream and crunch that will please the palate and the soul, but not leave you feeling like a glutton.

Tsunami's Hung Lo roll

If you are not one of the ones who gave up alcohol for Lent, then wet your whistle with a cocktail from the bar like the Type 90 - Tsunami's twist on a French 75 with lemon, ginger-laced gin, and sparkling sake.