Festival style preview

by Amanda Bedgood

It's never too early

It's March, which means April is not far away and we see so very close on the horizon the mother of all festivals - Festival International. It's never too early to plan for the day-after-day of endless music and night-after-night parties.

Hemline has a killer white dress that's begging for a festival appearance. The style, which promises to be uber hot for spring and summer is a nod to south of the border with vivid floral details. We love the fresh and airy white top with neon details from Sky Blue. Just what you'll wear over shredded cutoffs. Speaking of denim shorts, the super hot shape for the season just may be utterly high-waisted shorts like these from Maven Womenswear. Pair with mile high wedges or simple flat sandals for a look that promises legs for miles.