The painterly way

by Amanda Bedgood

Tie dye and hand-painted vibes make a splash

I love tie dye. And I'm not ashamed. If it ever went out of vogue nobody told me and I'm glad. Now it's arriving anew in every incarnation from cute little tops and funky pants to simple dresses. We've spotted a few pieces we love around town that have that hand-painted, tie dyed vibe.

Let's start over at Maven Womenswear with a super simple bodycon little dress. It's the sort of thing you can pull off in the office with the right blazer and shoes. But, we'd rather see it with some funky wedges or even moto boots and a long necklace for after office hours.

Brother's on the Boulevard has a new Italian line we're drooling over that includes this painterly ensemble. The funky pant is this IND Styler's newest obsession and this fresh springy pair can be worn with any color of the rainbow.

Speaking of pants, these tie dyed ones over at Vanessa V. are truly a year round find. Now with laid back little sheer sweaters and later with easy tanks and lots of cool jewelry.