Twitter was made for EWE

by Walter Pierce

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards and his one-liners already seem custom-made for the world of social media.

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards, 86, is traveling a campaign trail that's dissimilar in many ways from the one he successfully maneuvered last in 1991. Back then, he didn't have to deal with real-time reporting, bloggers who won't be won over and social media platforms that need to be fed.

Yet in regard to the latter, Edwards and his one-liners already seem custom-made for the 140-character world of Twitter. Either he, or perhaps a handler, has taken to it in a real way, lambasting critics directly and even chiding opponents.

To entrepreneur Paul Dietzel, Edwards tweeted, "U have a sense of humor. Not sure it makes up for the lack of experience, but every little bit helps." Another read, "Well u know what they say...If you dont have anything nice to say...go ahead and talk about David Vitter." To a naysayer, he responded, "I could loan you my sense of humor so you could come up with wittier tweets when you repost mine if you'd like?"

While Edwards won't have a heavy like David Duke to rail against this go around, it could quickly transform into the race we've all been pining for - Edwards versus Gov. Bobby Jindal. The governor has not endorsed his former aide Garret Graves, and probably won't, but Jindal's A-team will likely be involved, giving Edwards an opportunity to weigh in, like he did in his announcement recently by slamming the governor's stance on Medicaid.

It will also be Edwards' first race without assistance from his brother, Marion, who died last year. Asked what that would be like, Edwards told LaPolitics, "Someone will step up in that role."

Other names of yesteryear are likely to manifest themselves as well, probably in Edwards' campaign finance reports. If anyone knows where the proverbial bodies are buried, it's him. And considering he didn't sing to the feds after being dealt a 10-year sentence, there's probably more than a couple of favors he'll be able to call in.

The idea of a super PAC remains a possibility, and Edwards is still talking openly about wanting one to support his candidacy. This is despite federal laws prohibiting any collusion between candidate and PAC.

"I'm still learning all the rules and guidelines and looking into it," Edwards told LaPolitics.

But the newest addition to the Edwards campaign is also the smallest. His son Eli was born last year. Prior to addressing the Baton Rouge Press Club in mid-March, Edwards attempted to hold his crying son, moving the child around while desperately and awkwardly trying to get hold of him. Things went much smoother once they transferred Eli to a stroller and the former governor scored the golden photo-op.

His wife, Trina, is a new cast member, too. She took to Facebook after his husband's announcement to clear up one bone of contention.

"Before I go to bed," she wrote, "Id like to clear a few things up...I haven't had a boob job or a tummy tuck. So sleep well, dear taxpayers...God gave me this figure and it didn't cost you a penny!! lol"