Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Party Girl just can't wait to tell y'all about her big VIP evening at Cypress Bayou Casino. It's worth the drive to Baldwin for three clubs, Mr. Lester's and trying your hand at the craps table. What girl can't use a little extra shopping money? The night of June 16, guys decked out in trousers, suspenders and wing-tipped shoes crowded into the casino's newest club, Rox, for Los Angeles swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Party Girl was lucky enough to watch from the VIP balcony ' stocked with its own bar and comfortable banquette seating ' as a pair of professional dancers threw their girls up in the air. The band astounded the swingin' guys and gals with its superior sound and twin saxophone players parading around the stage. Party Girl took to the dance floor with six of her closest friends, and we stayed 'til the last minute. My advice for the summer: If you're looking for a new form of exercise, try swing dancing. Two numbers in a row tested even my stamina!

The kids from Acadiana Karate recently tested their stamina too, for a good cause. The students sold boards as a fundraiser for the Miles Perret Center's Games of Acadiana and then broke them using their martial arts and karate chop skills in a smashing event at the Mall of Acadiana. Chopping winners were Kyle Lyons, Cole Feerick, Seth Leblanc, Nicolas Sinanan, Merrit Arnold, Ann Lipari, Mickey Franks, Mayra Belgodere, Walter Bergeron, Randy Adams, Kayla Meche, Sensei Colt Biro, Sempai Alex Faul and Sensei Kelly Rhodes. The kids went all-out, using their hands, feet and heads. "We love what this group did," says Games of Acadiana Director Ann Voitier. "Over 150 students went out in the community and raised this money by 'selling' one board at a time. The kids worked incredibly hard to do it and ended up doubling their donation from last year!" The total came in at $22,000, no small feat. Way to go kids!

One of my favorite gals, Gail Romero from Van Eaton & Romero, is always up to something when it comes to helping raise funds. Her latest endeavor benefited Community Foundation of Acadiana, as Gail convinced artist Francis X. Pavy to donate his painting, "Hub City with Landscape," to sell in a fundraiser for Community Foundation. The money raised from the sale will go to a fund for visual arts in Acadiana. You go girl!

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