Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

We're officially entering the middle of summer, mes amies. Hope y'all are staying cool out there. Party Girl would be content to wear her bathing suit and a cute coverup through September, but there are just so many parties to attend. In the running for one of the best events of the season, the Southern University Girlfriend Alumni Reunion (SUGAR) brought in members from across the country for a girls weekend. The girls have been friends for 29 years and hadn't all been together since their graduation from Southern in 1980. Lisa Crocrum Netty traveled all the way from Cleveland, and Ingrid Archer Ellerbe came from Pittsburgh for the event. Renee A. Ventroy provided the headquarters at her Sunset Hill home in Opelousas, but the girls' busy itinerary took them all over the area. The weekend began with lunch at à la carte, followed by frozen cosmos at Zea. On Saturday, the girls went shoe shopping at Imelda's, had an early dinner at the City Club, then hit the Grown Folks Club for a nitecap before returning to Sunset Hill for a late- night movie. Brunch, some lounging at the pool and lunch at Prejean's concluded the weekend Sunday, and the girls promised to reunite soon.

The 1955 class of Cathedral Carmel held a pretty impressive reunion of its own. Both the boys and girls classes got together for a weekend of golf, food and dancing. The group calls itself a relic of Catholic education, but these relics still know how to party. A golf match at Vieux Chenes kicked off the weekend, followed by a party at Donald and Essie Deshotels' home. The group attended Mass at St. John Cathedral Saturday morning, then the women caught up at a house party thrown by Henrietta Bertrand, while the men went for burgers at their old hangout, Judice Inn. The fun culminated with a dinner dance at the Petroleum Club, which recognized Doris Landry and Charles Prevost for celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and O.P. Ditch for helping keep the group connected through its Web site, Party Girl's so glad to see local classmates reuniting. Old friends are important, y'all!

Local builders and agents also reunited to talk shop and eat some fried fish at River Oaks. The Van Eaton & Romero Builders' Fish Fry brought together about 250 people and packed the reception hall. Of course the fried fish hit the spot. Judy Hagood, Nancy Castette and Lisa Shivers discussed upcoming projects, while Carole and Jack Horn visited with builders Jules and Kathy Lacour. Thanks for including Party Girl in your events, guys! And don't forget about me through the rest of the summer.

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