Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

From luaus to musical jams and farewells, there's never any shortage of parties for Party Girl to attend in Acadiana. I always appreciate a well-planned fĂȘte, no matter the theme. And Michael Dimiterchik Jr. and Lindsey Kees' luau engagement party was pure paradise and perfect for summer. Held May 20 at the home of Tommy Millet and Lisa Knight, guests were treated to a taste of Hawaii. Lindsey's bridemaids went all out as hosts, setting the mood poolside with tiki torches, fresh pineapple and pork skewers and bellinis. Tommy Bahama-clad guests also enjoyed Tommy Millet's appetizer masterpiece ' cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. The cold beer was perfect for washing those down! The guest list included Mark Foley, Sandra and Clyde Kees, Clyde and Julia Fontenot, Peggy Tauzin, Caroline and Vin Chappuis and Shawn, Gina and Katelyn Bradley. But the evening wasn't complete without a round of limbo, and kudos to the bride's dad, Dale Kees, who built the limbo set by hand!

On its way to becoming an annual tradition, the Michot family's birthday jam at their camp ' La Roue Qui Pend ' made for a great party. The tradition started in 2004 to celebrate Tommy, David and Andre Michot's birthdays, but the 2005 festivities were canceled by the hurricanes. The jam was reinstated this Memorial Day, south of Milton on the Vermilion Bayou. Tommy's brother Rick caught a wild hog last winter, and Tommy cooked up its hind quarter and served it up with a side of geese and plenty of cold beer and Cajun jamming. About 60 family and friends showed up for the indoor/outdoor event. "The food was great, of course, as was the company and the music, played by various musicians continuously throughout the afternoon and evening," says Tommy.

Saying farewell recently to Mike Sasser at Pat's Downtown were friends and associates Jolene Harris, Henry Florsheim, Rose Cormier and Sharon Broussard. Mike will be greatly missed, as he made his mark on Lafayette pretty quickly at The Fontana Center. When he arrived in town six years ago, he didn't know a soul, so he went over to Pat's Downtown and bought jello shots for the house. Needless to say, he made friends quickly. He also became involved in United Way of Acadiana, where he served as a loan executive and helped to raise more than $6 million in just two years. Party guests gave him a grand sendoff to Corpus Christi, Texas, where he'll work for Nabors Drilling, and Pat Dupuis didn't forget the jello shots!

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