Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

I don't think my high heels would fly on an offshore platform, but I felt right at home when the Women of Lagcoe invited guests and supporters to a fabulous and extravagant luncheon at the Petroleum Club on Oct. 24. The organizing committee included such luminaries of the local oil trade as Ann Knight, Frances Moore and Janell Thomas. Upon entering the Petroleum Club I immediately saw stars, probably because I was blinded by door prizes like a diamond-studded necklace, fine interiors and shopping spree gift certificates. The exquisite food was vintage Petroleum Club with flair. Of course the highlight of the whole event for me was the stunning fashion show presented by Raffaele's and Dolci Modi. Between the fine furs and glamorous ball gowns I almost forgot to eat my delicious cheesecake. Obviously a show of this caliber deserved a professional emcee and the Lagcoe luncheon found it in KLFY TV-10's Blue Rolfes. I have to admit that after a couple of mimosas my afternoon turned out somewhat unproductive.

Aside from being Lafayette's socialite, Party Girl knows a thing or two about leaving room for the imagination. Donning a mask for one night intrigued me; that meant I could really live it up at Mystery Masquerade on Oct. 13. After the huge success of their debut fundraiser, "Remember the Night ' An '80s Prom," Lafayette Linked's second fundraiser revealed itself as the Mystery Masquerade. Cindy Gunawan and Amanda Reviere, co-founders of Lafayette Linked, both have ties to the Acadiana Symphony, and what better place to have a slamming party then the Decorator's Showhouse? Aside from gathering for drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the fabulous home, all attendees donned masks and tried to determine, from clues, just who were the mystery guests ' local celebrities who agreed to contribute to their cause. Luckily, each person coming through the door was given a clue, and in the spirit of socialization, all clues were different ' it was up to the attendee to talk with their fellow party-goers to gain more clues. Kevin Judice correctly guessed Mystery Guest Judy Dunn, with the clue "It's a short drive down I-10 from Lafayette to Katy," since he knew that Judy operated successful design and d├ęcor businesses in both Lafayette and Katy, Texas. Jackie Munnerlyn was quick to unmask Mystery Guest Joey Durel, giving all the credit to her young children and their flashcards for helping her decipher "There are no kangaroos here." The party kept on hopping, and my mask must have been a winner, as no one could determine Party Girl's true identity.

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