Georgia comes to town

by Amanda Bedgood

Chef, author, hunter comes to Paul Michael Company

Georgia Pellegrini is a study in dichotomy. She has an irrefutable feminine style she takes into the woods with rifle in hand. When I first meet her it's for lunch at Charley G's with Paul Michael manager Bailey Caldwell.

Pellegrini is as sweet as she looks and her blonde hair is just as perfectly effortless in person as it is in photos. She made a brief stop in Lafayette via Houston (thanks to her friendship with Paul Michael's owner Paul himself) for a book signing before heading to New Orleans for more of her tour to promote her latest book - "Modern Pioneering."

Georgia has created a brand out of her personal style, her approach to life. She is a hunter and a gatherer and chef and doing it all with a kind of panache seen rarely in media from ladies that take to the wild the way she does. She debunks the idea that a woman can't do it all. That she can't wear a fabulous little dress one day and then shoot her own dinner (and clean it) and cook it. The beauty of what she's doing is that it isn't all about her. She teaches the masses her ways.

She's turning the spa weekend on its head, she explains over beautifully rare tuna at Charley G's. She's teaching women to live with abandon. Showing them that they can do things they never thought they could. Like clean a bird. It's kinda like uber chic grown up Girl Scouts, I realize, as she's describing the adventurous getaways she's hosted across the country.

On Tuesday night Georgia arrives for her book signing at Paul Michael in a bright blue little dress and fringe-decked boots. Charley G's, Social and The Lab are all on hand with recipes that fit the occasion from deviled eggs with goat cheese to a cold cream that has a cosmo base with elderflower. And isn't that just what screams Georgia Pellegrini? Something unexpected - fresh and modern married to something beautiful and natural.

Click the pic of her book to win a signed copy courtesy of Maven Womenswear. (Or simply send your name and contact info to [email protected])

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