Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Happy post-Festival mes amis! I hope you all got out and enjoyed the perfect weather and stellar music lineup during Festival International. Party Girl's been hearing all kinds of Festival stories, from the beautiful Festival ladies in their blue dresses, to the dancing of Nii Tettey Tetteh and the return of Zap Mama. I'm also hearing rumors that this may have been the most successful Festival ever, a sign that Lafayette's best-kept secret is finally getting out to the masses. Did y'all see the crowd at Marc Broussard? Party Girl's lucky her press pass got her backstage for the awesome show. No matter what your favorite Festival memory is, tell all your friends and mark your calendar for next April!

Running a close second to Festival performances was Paul Thorn's performance at L'Eglise recently. Lafayette clothier Frank Camalo produced the rollicking fundraiser for the Dr. Tommy Comeaux Memorial Endowed Fund for Traditional Music at UL Lafayette. Merilyn Crain's L'Eglise turned out to be a perfect venue for the Mississippi-born Thorn's unique revival version of downhome rock 'n' roll and blues. The generous musician also donated an original painting to the cause, and Bradley Chastant was high bidder (his wife Mary says it will go over the mantle). Frankie Harris, Ronnie Mahtook, Allen and Winnie Bacque, Charles and Mo Trent, Tom Bertuccini, André Fruge, Bo and Dianne Billeaud and David and Diane Legendre joined in the chorus for the closing number, "Will The Circle be Unbroken?" Hallelujiah! Rumor has it that Thorn will be back, so don't miss the reprise.

Outside of Lafayette, a few lucky guys had the chance to travel to the Sunshine State for a VIP taste of America's favorite pastime. Kevin Morgan, a native of Duson and director of minor league operations for the New York Mets, invited three of his high school buddies to the Mets Spring Training Camp. A weekend with a bunch of baseball players? Party Girl would have found her way into the suitcase for that trip! Keith Miller, Girard Perkins and Patrick Anderson, who played baseball with Kevin at Acadiana High School, spent three days basking in Port St. Lucie's beautiful 70-degree weather, watching some of baseball's most popular pros. "One of the most personable guys was Pedro Martinez," says Keith. "He has a great sense of humor." The guys plan on attending next year, so y'all save some room for Party Girl.

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