Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Party Girl knew long before Cyndi Lauper that girls just want to have fun, and the women in attendance at the Junior League of Lafayette's Senorita Diva Party last month have more fun doing good deeds than anyone I know. Entering the Junior League this year are 17 lovely ladies from our community that have successfully completed the course requirements. Party Girl asked one of the advisors, Andy Ducharme, an active member for nine years, how does one become a member? "Becoming an active member consists of a lengthy process of monthly meetings and participation in the planning of two community projects," she says. Each year the advisors choose a theme for the year, this year was Party Girl's favorite color ' pink. Their themed meetings varied from "Pink Poodle," " Pink Flamingo," "Pink Lemonade" and even "Pink Cadillac."

At their Senorita Diva party, I had plenty of Mexican food and a margarita or two that enhanced my swing at the piƱata. No luck hitting it down but at least I had heaps of laughs. I left the party that evening with more than a full tummy; I left with new friends and after meeting these special women who wouldn't want to be their friends? The Junior League Advisors include: Charlotte Cryer, Mary Vinson Hanchey, Andy Ducharme, Gaylyn Hebert, and Julie Nelson. The Incoming Provisional Actives are Bridgit Chaisson, Ashley Comeaux, Roxanne Clark, Allison Dickerson, Jan Major-Faulk, Nicole Fontenot, Melanie Fowler, Kaissy Hammer, Christin Courtois Barrios, Emily Foreman, Marnie Hoyt, Alanda Plumbar, Adrienne de la Houssaye, Katie Ferguson, Stephanie Geiger, Susannah Handley Craig and Stephanie Verret.

On Saturday, May 19, "rowing for miles" sounded like hard work to Party Girl ' but when I found out the event was the "Reaux for Miles Perret Center," that was a good cause for me to get up early and stretch those muscles. It turned out to be a beautiful and breezy day. I wasn't the only one pouring it out at this heart-warming event; the members of the 20-team Dragon Boat Crew did as well. Twenty teams competed at Sugar Mill Pond for bragging rights to this new addition to the Games of Acadiana. But everyone who came that day, including my friends of the Cajun Invasion team, walked away feeling like a winner.

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