IND Eats spring dining guide hits newsstands

by Kari Walker

Find descriptive listings of more than 200 local restaurants, along with images of scrumptious dishes by food photographer Denny Culbert


Acadiana's culinary scene is a love affair between adventurous diners and creative chefs.

Photo by Denny Culbert

Bread & Circus Provisions
Sandwiches, cracklin, slaw and housemade chips

Food in Louisiana is not just a need to nourish - it's an opportunity to gather, reunite and explore something new. You came for cocktails and conversation, but left with a satisfied stomach and possibly the thought of, "that was the best thing I ever ate." Every opportunity to dine at a locally owned restaurant is also an opportunity to build up chefs and local business owners - you, my friend, have the power to keep Acadiana growing as a culinary tour de force.

It doesn't matter if your palate pleaser is a plate lunch or a lavish wine dinner; no one does it better than a local. The power of community is what drives the culinary minds of our area - without the demand, there would not be a supply. If you didn't love boudin as much as someone else loves a cupcake, the two would cease to exist. Although, I'm fairly certain boudin will never cease to exist.

You, the consumer and lover of food, have helped chefs' dreams come to fruition. Late last year newcomer Bread & Circus Provisions turned its unique pop-up-shop food experience beyond a solo stand at a farmers market into a restaurant and deli concept. While most people head to the bank for a small business loan, these food entrepreneurs took a different approach and went straight to their loyal fans. The initial Kickstarter campaign goal for Bread & Circus of $10,000 was surpassed to $13,407, allowing owners Manny Augello and Abi Falgout to dream even bigger thanks to 154 generous locals. Bread & Circus diners who contributed also share a sense of pride knowing their support of a crowd-funding campaign made it all happen.

That meal you thought was a simple dinner out is actually so much more: It's someone's heart, soul and countless hours of culinary training, and - in the parts - typically shared family traditions.

We hope you're inspired to think local when choosing where to eat, and that your first step is to consult the IND Eats Dining Guide. The guide serves as a road map to all things local in the restaurant scene with categories broken down by fare for ease of navigation. New to this issue is the "Burgers and More" section - if it comes between a bun or in a wrap, you can probably find it here. Look for some newcomers as well throughout every section of the guide. Take the guide wherever you go by accessing all the listings online, too.

A special thanks to talented food photographer Denny Culbert for sharing some of his favorite local dishes with us for use in the spring guide. Like IND Eats, Denny shares a love of area food and what it means to support the industry, which is why we also chose to feature his and wife Katie's sincere efforts to unite Acadiana's culinary scene as the cover story for this month's issue of The IND.

Denny's beautiful photographs tell a story of how diverse the food of Acadiana truly is and why people travel here for just a taste and leave wanting a second helping. - Kari Walker

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**3904 Johnston St., Lafayette, 989-2910Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Bangkok Thai's menu presents a plethora of Thai staples juxtaposed with Vietnamese and Chinese fares. Try the papaya salad - a blend of papaya, tomato, lime juice and fish sauce for a refreshingly light starter, or go for the Massaman Curry - potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots and peanuts cooked in massaman curry paste and coconut milk - for bold and authentic flavors straight from Asia. Order mild, medium, hot or Thai hot (if you dare).

CHINA ONE2668 Johnston St., Lafayette, 234-8299Daily: Lunch and

China One prides itself on not using MSG in its food, but that doesn't limit the extensive menu. The daily lunch special is $4.75 for your choice of entree plus a choice between soup or a soda and a side of rice. Check out the moo shu, which is basically an Asian version of fajitas that comes with a gorgeous hoisin sauce. A quart of wonton soup is a few dollars less. Everything is made fresh to order and rarely takes more than 10 minutes - if you call ahead it's ready to go when you arrive.

**2429 W Congress St. Suite L, Lafayette, 269-6069Monday-Saturday: Lunch and

Serving standard Chinese-American fare with lunch specials all going for $5.99 a piece, plus combination platters and appetizers. The sesame chicken is a must, or check out the hot Szechuan roast pork. The restaurant has a health-conscious menu with steamed shrimp or chicken with fresh vegetables. It also offers Thai specialties like spicy basil chicken and Thai curry beef.

**4702 Johnston St., Lafayette, 993-9588Monday-Saturday:

Alan Yen, who has been serving superb sushi and hibachi at his restaurant Shangri-La for the past 10 years, decided to re-imagine the hibachi experience. Every element, from the appetizer starter, soup, salad and especially the sauces that accompany the seafood dishes contribute to an East-meets-West flavor profile. Best bet is the Brandy Duck Breast, grilled medium rare, sauced with a flambé of brandy and teriyaki reduction, and garnished with slices of grilled apple. Dozo's equally ambitious sushi bar hits just the right note with aficionados. To see (or taste, rather) the East-meets-West in action, try the Mardi Gras roll, with crawfish, crab, avocado, tempura crunch spicy tuna on top.

**3902 Johnston St., Lafayette, 989-8418Daily: Lunch and

Formosa Gardens serves a Chinese buffet and sushi bar. Call in your order to pick it up in the drive-thru or have it delivered to your house. If you're looking to dine on a dime, check out the lunch special for $6.50 or dinner starting at $8.75. The fried rice is a local favorite.

**4416 Johnston St. Ste 8A, Lafayette, 412-6543Tuesday-Sunday: Lunch and

Fuji Sushi is hidden away like most treasures. It's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and only the two owners work there - one an exquisite chef and the other a warm and welcoming server - so if it's busy the sushi takes time, but it's worth it. They carry uni, quail eggs and a variety of extremely fresh fish that melts in your mouth. For a romantic get away, try the Lovers Boat, presented with radish roses and decorative garnishes and, of course, plenty of sushi. It's bring your own liquor, but don't worry, there's no cork fee.

**1809 W Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 593-8222Daily: Lunch and

Famed for its take-out buffet - you can also dine in - sold by the pound, Golden Wok does pepper pork and cream cheese wontons better than anyone. You can use its online ordering system, too, and all the popular items are grouped at the top of the page.

**2330 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 534-8057Daily: Lunch and

This buffet is complete with freshly baked seafood at dinner and freshly prepared vegetables, and the restaurant prides itself on serving a mixture of Asian and Cajun delights. Hainam is currently offering Louisiana crawfish. The prices here are a steal - $7.95 for the enormous lunch buffet, or 50 cents per piece of sushi. You can look at the options - vegetables, sprouts, rice, noodles and meats - and put it on a plate. The man or woman operating the hibachi makes your meal right there in front of you using the sauces, if any, that you want as part of your meal.

**2865 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 981-0288Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Eating at Lotus Garden is like a trip to the Far East - with stops in China, Japan and Vietnam. The buffet offers dishes like ginger shrimp, Hunan barbecue pork and California sushi rolls. Soft shell crabs frequently make cameos on the buffet. Beef, squid and chicken sizzle on a Mongolian grill. If meat isn't your thing, vegetarian dishes like the Buddhist delight and Vietnamese spring rolls are offered. But the best bet is the national dish of Vietnam, pho, a rich noodle soup, which comes with chicken, beef and shrimp.

**4807 Johnston St., Lafayette, 406-0850Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

This noodle house introduced pho, a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup, to Lafayette and has since generated a loyal following of folks who now know how to eat soup with chopsticks. Lao, Thai and Vietnamese rice and noodle dishes offer a wide variety of southeastern Asian flavors - when in doubt, go with the Pad Thai, easily one of the best in town. Try the Larb, a Lao beef salad, Thai eggplant in a rich brown sauce or the tender spring rolls dipped in a fiery garlic/chili sauce. Don't forget to carry in your alcohol of choice: Noodle House is strictly BYOL. However, the drinks that are offered are delicious: the strong, rich and sweet Vietnamese iced coffee is potentially addicting, and the Thai iced tea is aromatic with a floral finish.

**2944 Johnston St., Lafayette, 237-8311Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Tucked away in Winnwood Shopping Center, Magic Wok is a small gem of made-to-order Chinese cooking. While the buffet is a bargain, go for freshly cooked dishes like the shrimp and scallops with water chestnuts in a spicy garlic sauce or the vegetarian tofu, Szechuan style. The most intriguing dish, however, is the House Special Soup, a communal feast of shrimp, chicken, pork and fresh vegetables in broth, big enough for two hungry diners.

**924 Kaliste Saloom Road, Suite G, Lafayette, 262-0106Monday-Saturday: Lunch and

You can tell a sushi master by the quality of his rice, and at Oishi the rolls are beautifully, loosely coiled so you can taste each grain. Lots of the fresh fish rolls come with a soy paper and sesame seed wrapping instead of the standard seaweed, for a delicate change. The uni, a highly perishable sea urchin much prized by the Japanese for its sweet briny flavor, is absolutely fresh and superb here. Most of the business is take-out, but there are three small tables for eat-in diners.

**2809 Johnston St., Lafayette 264-9997Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday:

Located in the South College Shopping Center, Osaka rolls out all-you-can-eat sushi weekdays. There is an extensive menu. House specials include the Yami-Yami, a California roll topped with tuna, avocado and a sweet ginger sauce; Bento Boxes, and hibachi-grilled lobster, filet, shrimp or chicken. When available, the green mint tea ice cream is a harmony of refreshing, soothing comfort without making one feel guilty.

**4416 Johnston St., Lafayette, 984-1290Daily: Dinner; Saturday and Sunday:

Hibachi cooking turns out great grilled food while providing non-stop entertainment from a chef who can juggle eggs on his spatula while flaming strip steak. Peking Garden has been specializing in hibachi cooking for 37 years. Dinner is a set menu; choose from a selection of steak, filet mignon, chicken, scallops, shrimp and lobster. All hibachi dinners are accompanied by soup, salad, rice and ice cream. It's a great place to bring children who the chefs particularly try to entertain.

**PHO LY LY ??
**701 S. Lewis St., New Iberia, 364-4067Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

New Iberia's Pho secret is worth the drive. To start off, sample the Sugarcane Rolls: spring rolls prepared with a hunk of sugar cane skewering its vegetable innards, which are removed before being wrapped in tender rice paper and served. A perfect entree is the Spicy Honey Chicken, made with green and red peppers in a sauce garnished with scallions and broccoli overflowing from the plate. As far as pho goes, try the No. 30, which comes with round steak and meatballs.

**120 Curran Lane, Suite K, Lafayette, 412-6195Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Build your own hot pot at Pho Saigon, throwing in vegetables and meats of your choosing. Many meals are served with French bread, and the plates are always brimming with sauce. There's also a sushi bar. However, Pho Saigon's Pork Bahn Mi, a foot long Vietnamese po-boy for only $4.50, is a must try.

**832 Martin Luther King Road, Cypress Bayou Casino, Charenton, 924-3334Tuesday-Saturday:

Rikrak takes Asian-fusion to the bank with the classiest oriental restaurant in South Louisiana. Start with Rikrak's pork gyoza, ginger and pork in a dumpling. Then move on to the ribeye with Asian lime barbecue sauce; the ahi tuna pan seared with lemon butter and ginger mint sauce; or farm-raised sesame grilled duck with mandarin-peach chutney glaze. If you have room, hold out for the pineapple creme brulée.

ROYAL PANDA2418 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 233-6368Daily: Lunch and

Boiled shrimp and sushi are always in abundance at Royal Panda's huge buffet, which also offers Chinese food mainstays like lo mein, fried rice and beef and broccoli. Royal Panda will also serve sushi a la carte by request and on the buffet. The buffet holds snow crabs at night and on Sundays, but it costs a little extra.

**2865 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 456-3317Tuesday-Sunday: Lunch and

This restaurant is like the best kept secret that everyone knows about. For a departure from everyday spring rolls, try the autumn or winter rolls. The autumn wraps chives, mint leaves, fried wonton paper and pork patty in rice paper with Saigon pineapple dipping sauce; winter is a mint leaves, cilantro and fried tofu with peanut dipping sauce. Try one of our favorite dishes, the Grilled Pork, Shrimp and Vermicelli Noodles (Bun Tom, Thit, Nuong, Cha Gio), which is served in a pedestal bowl. Locals love the pho, and on Saturdays and Sundays those in the know get the crab noodle soup offered only on those days.

**3217 Johnston St., Lafayette, 989-9698Monday-Saturday: Lunch; Dinner

Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, katsu, nabemono and donburi all get ace treatment at Sakura. If sushi starvation has you in its claw, Sakura has two huge rolls: the Big Katuna Roll, featuring fresh tuna, escolar, yellowtail, snow crab, masago and chef sauce wrapped in soy paper; and the Big Daddy roll, which marries spicy tuna, snow crab, escolar, chef special sauce and masago wrapped in soy paper, all lined with tuna on the outside. Sakura just keeps getting better with its new menu additions. Take a bite out of a sushi apple with the Golden Apple, a combination of toasted eel, snow crab, cucumber, avocado and tempura flakes all cut in the shape of an apple, or a different kind of zing in the Dynamite Roll, which showcases chili spices.

**3545 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 993-2433Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Before you dive into Samurai Sushi's extensive sushi and roll selection, the salmon snow crab salad is a good place to start. Everybody loves the Who Dat Roll, packed with spicy grilled tuna, crab meat, cucumber and cream cheese, and topped with tempura fried snapper and a spicy house sauce. The Pam Special rolls together salmon, tuna, yellow tail, grilled shrimp, crab stick and avocado, wrapped in soy paper and topped with snow crab and sweet mayo.

SHANGRI-LA RESTAURANT4702 Johnston St., Lafayette, 988-4588Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday-Sunday: Dinner

Whether you're in the mood for seafood or meat off the sizzling hibachi grill or some imaginative sushi rolls, Shangri-La has options for every palate. For starters, try the Ragin' Cajun, which includes crab paste, crab stick and avocado topped with baked chili crawfish, and the Shangri-La, made with tuna, salmon, crab, avocado and bonito flakes. Shangri-La has dreamed up some dessert rolls as well. The Sweet Summer is made with crab paste, shrimp tempura and cream cheese, topped with mango and sweet mayo, while the Hawaiian Beach rolls shrimp tempura and crab paste under a fruity blanket of strawberry, banana and coconut sauce.

SHINTO3810 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 406-0024Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The hibachi grill and sushi bar are always hopping at this Japanese restaurant, and there's an abundance of special rolls on the menu. Two local faves are the Rock Star: fresh yellow tail tuna and salmon, wrapped in soy paper and topped with snow crab, crunchy spicy mayo and eel sauce; and the Lafayette Hot Roll: fresh salmon, tuna, whitefish, crab stick, snow crab, avocado and cream cheese, wrapped and deep fried then topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce and chili sauce.

THAI CUISINE607 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 261-0000Monday-Saturday: Lunch and

From one of the best buffets in town to delicious spring rolls, Thai Cuisine is consistently spectacular. If you are feeling adventurous, go for one of its curry dishes. The Gaeng Khai Wan, or the spicy Thai green curry dish with your choice of meat, is one of our favorite dishes. Coconut milk, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, baby corn, green beans, eggplant and sweet basil all coexist in this dish that mixes the best of Thai cuisine with Indian influences. Try the house specialty, the Thai Cuisine fried rice, cooked with hot basil and topped with a Thai-style fried egg.

**1601 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 236-6251Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner; Sunday: Brunch and

Enjoy a classic hibachi song and dance from a hibachi chef while overlooking the beautiful Vermilion River at Tokyo Live. The steak, hibachi grill and extensive sushi selection are delectable and it's the only Asian restaurant we know of that serves brunch. The Kanda Combo of steak and shrimp is a Hibachi grill specialty, while sushi lovers crave the Marilyn Monroe roll, a baked maki roll filled with crab meat, avocado and dynamite sauce, topped with salmon.

TSUBAKI SUSHI3564 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., 981-3111Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Seared pork-stuffed dumplings are a great appetizer at Tsubaki Sushi. Follow up with the baked salmon roll, filled with salmon, crunchy shrimp, mussel sauce or the popular Rock-n-Roll, which has shrimp tempura, masago sauce, cucumber and spicy mayo. In the mood for saki? Venture to this eatery located right by the Acadiana Mall, and this rice liquor will only set you back a $1.

**412 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 234-3474Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and

Fresh fish is delivered every day to the downtown mecca, the key to keeping the taste sea-spray clean. The combinations are legion. There are actually more speciality rolls off the menu than on it; the best way to find your favorite combination is to sit at the sushi bar and talk to the chef. Request the Transbestbite, an off-the-menu sushi roll extraordinaire that hosts minced spicy tuna, temp shrimp, kani, cream cheese, asparagus, soy wrapped and panko fried with plum, ponzu, and tsurai sauce all in one bite for $20. Another sinfully sweet roll and local favorite is the Green Monster; coconut shrimp, snow crab, cream cheese, cucumber, kiwi, avocado, strawberry, coconut flakes & plum sauce. The perfect pairing is saki, and Tsunami has a cellar holding a variety of premium bottles, best served cold. Try the moon-colored unfiltered, or a flavor-infused saki.

**3803 Moss St., Lafayette, 572-8869Daily: Lunch and

Twin Dragon may be in the corner of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it strip mall, but that isn't a reason to overlook it. Food is served on real plates and not automatically in Styrofoam containers (unless of course it's to go). Here you can sub brown rice for white or fried, too. Enjoy the amazing dumplings you can try fried or steamed and the sweet salty sauce they come with, or the shrimp in lobster sauce. The hot and sour soup is an inspiration. Open until 10 p.m. for your late-night Upper Lafayette cravings, or order online with its easy-to-use ordering system.

PANDA HOUSE1812 W. Pinhook Rd., Lafayette, 266-5370Daily: Lunch and

This restaurant popped up just where there was an Asian void in Lafayette, and its crab rangoon is a sure bet. All meals are served with fried rice and a wonton or egg drop soup. There's also a diet menu for those aiming to maintain their figures.

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**2 PAUL'S RADICALLY urban barbeque
**2668 Johnston St., Lafayette, 232-1181
4016 Hwy. 90, Broussard, 839-2999
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

2 Paul's is Oklahoma smoke and Louisiana spice fused with West Texas dry-rubbed, slow-smoked pork and beef with Louisiana staples like Cajun rice dressing. Ribs, chicken, smoked meat plates, sandwiches, salads and sides, fill the menu. Start with an order of Oinkin' good fries - an appetizer of crispy fries topped with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, onions and a sweet pepper jelly sauce. 2 Paul's offers an area for events and catering for gatherings after sports or birthday celebrations.

**2601 SE Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette, 264-1263
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Monday, Saturday-Sunday: Dinner

Bring your appetite to this buffet-style restaurant specializing in pork ribs, brisket and sausage served up with no frills. The expansive, casual dining hall is great for large parties. Pick up meats by the pound and sides by the pint or gallon for your next at-home fiesta.

618 Rue du Belier, Lafayette, 981-5026
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Barbecue days, Thursdays and Sundays, are especially busy at the mart. By 10 a.m., customers start wanting lunch, which is why the barbecue pit, on the side of the store, is already full of half chickens and pork steaks mopped with Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que sauce by 6 a.m. Grab a fried boudin ball for the road, but don't get so full you miss the savory pork steak sandwich, bone in and all, the way it's supposed to be.

501 W. Laurel Ave., Eunice, 457-9218
Wednesday-Sunday: Lunch

In business nearly three decades, Linus Allison burns oak, hickory and pecan to create the sweet smoky flavor from his pit that you can smell the hardwood smoke from a mile away. Pork steaks, chicken, brisket, ribs and links come loaded with a homemade sauce - add rice dressing, potato salad and baked beans and you've got yourself one great meal. If you plan to eat on the spot, be prepared to picnic on your tailgate; Allison's is take-out only.

3439 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 504-3949
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

This 30-year-old CenLa smoking tradition came to Lafayette in 2009 and you can get your meat by the plate or by the pound. Eddie's offers a spread: ribs, chicken, brisket, turkey and ham, with a large variety of sides. The platters come in an array of meat choices or just grab a whole rack of St. Louis ribs. Add a side of potato salad, fresh green bean casserole, rice dressing or fried okra. Don't forget to save room for peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

1111 St. John St., Lafayette, 269-8878
Tuesday-Thursday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This is the place for BBQ Downtown. Inventive sandwiches are uniquely Johnson's, like the Parrain Special - it's a fried boudin ball smashed between an Evangeline Maid bun and topped with sauce and cheese. Grab a seat on the porch and a bottle of Swamp Pop while you savor the country-style boneless rib plate lunch or a pit grilled chicken that's finger lickin' good. If it's Tuesday, save room for a Hello Dollie for dessert. Based on the recipes developed at Johnson's Grocery in Eunice over the course of its 68-year history, Johnson's also offers pulled pork sandwiches, sausage poboys, and specialty smoked meats like tasso, sausage, beef jerky and boudin.

1339 SE Evangeline Thruway., Lafayette, 261-5253
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

For over a decade Lil Daddy's has been serving up smoked meat delights. The chicken and ribs combo is a favorite that pairs with dirty rice and field peas to make a tasty plate. Ask for the cole slaw piled onto the pulled pork sandwich for a Carolina crunch or grab a family pack on your way home for dinner. Have a bigger crew to feed or looking for some quick tailgate pick me ups? Lil Daddy's does catering too. While you're there, you can pick up some motor oil and a gallon of milk - it's a full-service station.

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519 S. Pierce, Lafayette, 288-2457
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and dinner; Special events

This former food truck has set up shop in the bottom of the Uptown Lofts and is still serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and more. Almost a dozen varieties of grilled cheese are on the menu and several signature "Peaux Dogs" - think exotic game meets sausage poboy. Burgers, salads, waffle fries and plenty other fast fixin's are inside so stop in and see what's new.

2848 Verot School Road, Lafayette, 856-2511
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

This popular lunch and dinner spot was first established in Henderson in 1992. The menu offers a hearty sampling of Cajun fare, including gator burgers, shrimp, oyster and catfish poboys, Cajun-style burgers, and dinner plates of red beans and rice, crawfish étouffée and gumbo. If you are craving a muffuletta, this is your place to go.

302 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 889-3333
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Feel like a kid again at this eatery filled with classic video games and pub grub. After you finish a round of skee ball or Ms. Pac Man, order up some fried pickle power ups or an Angry Birds chicken sandwich of fried chicken, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, ranch and lettuce on a bun. Wash it all down with something from the bar - an Arcadian punch or Mario's Fireball, perhaps?

1314 Camellia Blvd., Lafayette, 504-5015
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Keeping it local, the boys at BurgerSmith handcraft burgers seasoned with Louisiana flavors like Creole mustard or their homemade Smith sauce. Some of the best fries in town are spiked with butter and garlic. The all-natural burger is notable, and top it with the chipotle mayo. The brews will make a Louisiana beer fan proud, with brews from New Orleans' NOLA and Dixie breweries, Arnaudville's Bayou Teche Brewery and crowd-favorite, Abita.

1940 Moss St., Lafayette, 534-4520
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Old-school drive in meets custom burgers at this Northside eatery - you can get just about any combo from a plain Jane burger to an upscale Ahi tuna steak burger with avocado. Order a side of chili cheese fries for sharing and a chocolate shake to wash it all down. If you're health conscious, Broaddus also offers protein shakes.

1930 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 234-6333
1941 Moss St., Lafayette, 237-1095
3755 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., 981-1818
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

It's hard to beat an old-fashioned New Orleans-style poboy served in a basket with chips and a pickle, Chris' signature item. The hands-down most popular poboys are the fried shrimp, fried oyster and Cajun pork roast. Chris' also stirs up stellar gumbo year-round and pan-sauteed chicken salad.

626 Verot School Road, Lafayette, 504-4288
117 Westmark Blvd., Lafayette, 706-8882
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Check out Fat Pat's for burgers, seafood poboys, hot dogs, fried pork tenderloin sandwiches, and all day, every day two-for-one draft beer and house margaritas. Pro football fans will be more than pleased with the Fat Pat's NFL Superfan cable package, in high definition, and that nearly every table has its own TV.

900 Jefferson St., 291-9625
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

As the name implies, the Filling Station was a gas station years ago, and you can't miss the neon-trimmed porch on the corner of Jefferson and Lee downtown. Today, the restaurant serves up affordable Tex-Mex and American dishes, with a sprawling open-air patio and cozy bar inside. Burgers, famed hot dogs with homemade chili, giant quesadillas and a great tuna steak are all worth ordering. Wander over on a Friday afternoon to sip margaritas outside and enjoy the weather and Downtown passers-by.

2303 Johnston St, Lafayette, 234-5689
2512 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 704-0071
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The Johnston Street location has been a Lafayette institution since 1981. Burgers, steak, fried catfish and fried chicken sandwiches and chef salads fill the menu. The Ground Pat'i on Kaliste Saloom has a more extensive menu including a multitude of appitizers and even stuffed potatoes. Both locations serve up complimentary roasted peanuts for snacking.

2010 Johnston St. Lafayette, 504-3189
4409 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette, 347-7995
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The biggest burrito in town is touted as "roll your own." At Izzo's, you choose your own filling to pile into a tortilla, taco or bowl, or grill as a quesadilla. Marinated and grilled steak, pork, chicken and shrimp are joined by beans, grilled onions, mushrooms, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, jalapeños and olives - whatever floats your boat - and rolled into a supersized burrito that will fill up two regular size folks.

3134 Johnston St., Lafayette, 984-5614
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

For 67 years, the family-owned Judice Inn has been serving up little hamburgers with just the right amount of spice and grease. One's just not enough, and two is sometimes too much. The burgers are dressed with a top-secret sauce. After all those years, there are still no french fries here, so order a bag of Zapp's potato chips. Other notable grill-top items include the grilled cheese and the egg sandwiches. Cool your mouth off from the spicy burger with a handmade chocolate milkshake or a draft beer.

1900 W. University Ave., Lafayette, 232-5168
1008-A Smede Hwy., Broussard, 367-8884
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

With two locations, one in Lafayette and one in Broussard, Julien's serves up a wide range of south Louisiana cooking. The salad list is extensive for a place with "po-boys" in the name, or try one of the platters with seafood. For the poboys, go for the Ragin' Cajun, which includes ham boiled in crab boil, or the grilled alligator sausage poboy.

110 Polk St., Lafayette 504-3252
Monday-Friday: Lunch; Tuesday-Sunday: Dinner and Late Night

215 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 237-8765
Daily: Lunch, Dinner and Late Night

4559 Johnston St., Lafayette 534-0754

3434 W Pinhook Road, Lafayette 837-2250

2921 Verot School Road, Lafayette 889-3813
Daily: Lunch, Dinner and Late Night

The original Legends on Bertrand Drive started off serving homemade hamburgers cooked on a George Foreman grill. Over time those perfectly seasoned burgers became the center of the menu and can be found near any area of Lafayette. There's the original, cheese and a Hawaiian, which piles on Applewood bacon, Monterrey jack cheese and grilled pineapple. Along with the burgers, you can get a salad, a sandwich or check out the popular grilled tuna or steak wraps.

5445 Johnston St., Lafayette, 984-4191
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner

From fried shrimp, crawfish or oysters to hot sausage, Louisiana Po-Boys has got your lunchtime ahnvie covered. The Louisiana Club is a house special, with ham, turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese and a swipe of Cajun mayo. This southside eatery also offers seafood platters, salads with fried or grilled shrimp or chicken, sides of onion rings or hushpuppies and a shake on the side.

200 Lafayette St., Youngsville, 856-7469
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Lunch
603 E. 2nd St., Broussard, 837-1511
Monday-Friday: Lunch

The original Morvant's in Youngsville is the ultimate hole-in-the-wall burger joint. Housed in an old wooden saloon where burgers have been sizzled on the flat grill for nearly half a century, Morvant's is THE burger destination in Acadiana. There's also a salad topped with fried shrimp or grilled chicken. Both locations share the home-ground family seasoning secrets but best guesses are a secret combination of different types of meats make the delectable burger one worth driving out of your way.

2303 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 237-4181
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Spaghetti plate lunches are a hot item at Office Hours; they sell out by noon most days. The menu offers poboys, clubs, burgers, homemade chili livening up cheese dogs and salads topped with grilled shrimp or chicken for a healthy angle on lunch.

218 W. St. Mary Blvd., Lafayette, 235-8165
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Olde Tyme is a beloved mecca for poboys, from the half-shrimp, half-oyster seafood sandwich to fresh salads. If seafood isn't your thing, try the Olde Tyme Special poboy - it's ham, turkey, roast beef and swiss cheese on soft French bread with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Grab a bag of Zapp's and an ice cold soda and have a seat in the courtyard. Don't forget your checkbook or some cash since this icon doesn't accept plastic payment.

3903 Johnston St., Lafayette, 981-4670
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Pete's offers one of the best hamburgers in town. The traditional half-pound, flame-broiled burger comes dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Personalize your burger with mushrooms and wine sauce, bacon, grilled onions, jalapeños, fried eggs, chili or an assortment of cheeses. Don't miss out on the killer homemade potato chips, or if you prefer, fried dill pickles.

1004 Coolidge Blvd, Lafayette, 234-2389
Monday-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Early Dinner; Saturday: Lunch

Roly Poly creates masterful combinations that elevate sandwich and salad-making into art forms. Try the fan favorite the Basil Cashew Chicken sandwich, which is a soiree of fresh basil chicken salad, spicy Thai sauce, avocado, cashews, plum tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. Sweet and savory meet in the Peachtree Melt, a divine combination of brie, swiss, ham, peaches and pepper relish with a fresh dill horseradish dipping sauce.

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1895 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 534-8955
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner

This family-owned and operated eatery is dishing up home cooking just like mama made. Try the old fashioned hamburger steak that plates a beefy patty with mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans - go for the gusto and add some grilled onions and cheese. Or, try one of the sandwiches like the crab cake poboy dressed with remoulade sauce and lettuce. Check out daily specials like steak night on Tuesdays and kids night on Wednesdays when all kids meals are half price.

1211 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 237-0005
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner;
Sunday: Brunch

George Rodrigue's iconic Blue Dog paintings line the walls of this Cajun-fusion Lafayette eatery and popular bar. The restaurant uses local ingredients with original twists. Choose an award-wining appetizer of seafood wontons, or a bowl of creamy corn and crab bisque. The crawfish enchiladas are crowd-pleasers, as well as the flavorful crabmeat florentine. The Sunday morning brunch features some of Lafayette's best musical talent, with an unbelievable buffet for $22.95 and some of the city's best prime rib, omelets, crab cakes Benedict and free bottomless mimosas.

1312 Verot School Road, Lafayette, 706-8850
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Brothers Steven and Patrick O'Bryan set out to create a restaurant with what they call "urban Cajun food," and the restaurant's unconventional twists on Cajun ingredients provide a Cajun dining experience unlike any other. Don't pass up the swamp legs, which are crispy duck drumettes with a housemade mango sauce and twice-cooked gator legs with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce. The apple and tasso stuffed pork chop is double grilled on the restaurant's wood-burning grill in the back, which gives the meats a wonderfully smoky flavor. Finish the meal with the bananas foster bread pudding for a sweet bite of Cajun heaven. If you're planning a party, be sure to ask about catering options that will make your event the talk of the town.?

140 E. Bridge St., Breaux Bridge, 332-5273
Tuesday: Lunch; Wednesday-Thursday: Lunch and Dinner; Friday and Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner;
Sunday: Brunch

This Breaux Bridge icon was a historic general store built in 1890 and renovated by Dickie Breaux in 1992. Café Des Amis is renowned for its upscale Cajun offerings like oven-roasted duck glazed with pepper jelly syrup or pecan-crusted catfish. Try the Crawfish and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake as an appetizer - Louisiana crawfish and alligator sausage are melted with smoked Gouda and cream cheese, herbs and spices. The savory cheesecake is then baked and served with a creamy crawfish sauce. On Saturday mornings, the café is transformed into a dance hall for the world-famous Zydeco Breakfast where diners spend hours dancing off the food they consumed. The beignets are not to be missed, as neither are the Got Boudin eggs topped with grilled boudin or Big Hat eggs smothered in crawfish étouffée or au gratin.

1928 Charity St., Abbeville, 893-9437
Tuesday-Saturday: Dinner

Cajun Claws provides only the best when it comes to the Cajun crustaceans known as the crawfish. Crawfish lovers flock to this famous Abbeville restaurant, but when these mudbugs aren't available, try one of the other seafood offerings like the fried shrimp basket. Cajun Claws demand is pretty high, so arrive early around 4 p.m. to get on the list and order a drink from the bar while you wait surrounded by people who know where to find good crawfish that's worth the wait.

320 Ridge Road, Lafayette, 216-9955
Daily/Seasonal: Dinner

Pick up some steaming sacks of crawfish from the drive-thru or find a table inside where you can enjoy steaming platters of freshly boiled mudbugs. The indoor tables have holes in the middle into which you can sweep your shells, and hand-washing stations line a wall. It's a modest place, but they provide some of the best crawfish in town.

2815 Grand Point Hwy., Breaux Bridge, 667-6148
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Not many restaurants are equipped to give tours, but Crawfish Town likes to show off its superb crawfish operation. Purged in well water, Crawfish Town's boiled crawfish are clean and sweet, and the big barn of a restaurant can accommodate entire extended families - seven days a week, year round. If you want non-crawfish seafood to go, stop by the fresh market next door where they sell pre-packaged dishes and high-quality fish and shellfish. Crawfish Town's other offerings include oysters on the half shell, blue point crabs and an enormous list of boiled or fried Louisiana seafood.

4309 Johnston St., Lafayette, 981-1141
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Don's Seafood has every Cajun dish you could hope for, from fried crab fingers to crawfish étouffée and soft shell crab. The crawfish bisque is traditional, complete with a couple of stuffed crawfish heads in the mix. The crabmeat au gratin is absolutely decadent, or choose a fish of the day with any number of seafood toppings from shrimp sauté to a crawfish cream sauce. The bar has been updated with a grill for charbroiled oysters, but beware of the mixed drinks - the bartenders don't skimp on the shots.

4800 Johnston St., Lafayette, 981-1241, 984-3706
Sunday-Friday: Lunch; Dinner during crawfish season only

Dwight's Restaurant prides itself on being Acadiana's lunchtime experts, and serves up not only delicious Cajun staples but some mean barbecue plate lunches that change every day of the week. There are burgers, salads, poboys, sandwiches - basically anything you could want in a lunchtime meal. During crawfish season, order Uncle Mark's Special: a single serving of two pounds of crawfish and one order of boiled shrimp with potatoes and corn.

2601 SE Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette, 264-1263
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch; Monday-Saturday: Dinner

The Gator Cove grew from a barbecue lodge and opened its doors in 1892, complete with an alligator farm behind the restaurant with an open lake allowing the gators to live in their natural habitat. Choose your spice level for boiled crawfish or shrimp from plain to extra spicy. The gator tator is a down-home treat with fried potato rounds, bacon, onions, jalapeños and pepper jack cheese, or go with fried alligator for a true taste of the bayou.

416 Hawks Road, Rayne, 788-3266
Wednesday-Sunday: Dinner

Only the most pristine crawfish are served at this joint. Hawk's utilizes a live well process that is unparalleled - the crawfish sit in the slow-moving current of fresh underground water for a 24-hour period. When indulging in crawfish here, you'll find that the crustaceans are void of any mud and debris. All in all, this process produces crawfish much more savory and rich. Hawk's will admit, however, that it's in the middle of nowhere, so visit the website for detailed directions.

3221 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 534-0400
Daily: Dinner

Krazy Klaws is one of the newer boil houses in town, and focuses only on boiled seafood: crawfish, shrimp and blue crabs. The orders of crawfish and gulf shrimp come with the signature Krazy sauce, but will willingly toss in sausage, carrots, whole onions, mushrooms, asparagus and whole garlic cloves along with the seafood. Call ahead for crawfish availability.

Vermilionville, 300 Fisher Road, Lafayette, 233-4077
Tuesday-Sunday: Lunch

If you have family coming to town and want to show them what a traditional Cajun meal is like, go to Vermilionville's La Cuisine de Maman. Every plate lunch is enormous, served with a cup of gumbo and an enormous entrée that is usually something along the lines of a rice and gravy. Lafayette diners flock to the Friday seafood buffet that includes gumbo, two entrees and three sides, along with biscuit and a dessert of the day - go for the gateau du sirop when available, but the bread pudding is never a bad choice.

445 Ridge Road, Lafayette, 984-1415
Monday-Friday: Lunch; Monday-Saturday:
Dinner; Sunday: Lunch Buffet

Lagneaux's all-you-can eat buffet and seafood dishes every day for dinner, include étouffées, fettuccine, au gratin and jambalaya, all prepared daily. Stop in the meat and seafood market next door and pick up meat from a knowledgeable butcher who can also process deer and other wild game for customers.

2942 Grand Point Highway, Breaux Bridge, 667-6116
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Stuffed shrimp en brochette, jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and stuffed with seafood, jack cheese and jalapeño, is a house favorite at this Gulf-coast style seafood restaurant. The catch of the day with Pontchartrain topping is a broiled filet with mushrooms, jumbo lump crab meat and a creamy white sauce. With snow crabs, Maine lobster to raw oysters and crawfish étouffée, Landry's is a seafood smorgasbord and the fried catfish is divine.

2019 Verot School Road, Lafayette, LA, 988-2645
Daily: Dinner

Louisiana Crawfish Time is only open half the year for crawfish season, but is brimming with diners chowing down on boiled crawfish and shrimp or raw and charbroiled oysters. The drive-thru is strictly crawfish and shrimp. Order Louisiana Crawfish Time's signature seafood boil and seasoning on the website.

1337 Henderson Levee Road, Henderson, 228-2384
Wednesday-Sunday: Lunch; Friday-Sunday: Dinner

McGee's Landing overlooks the Atchafalaya Basin and serves some seafood plucked right from the swamp it overlooks, from fried alligator to stuffed shrimp and crawfish étouffée. Enjoy live music on Sunday afternoons and Friday and Saturday evenings, or take a swamp tour before or after your meal.

1008 Henderson Levee Road, Henderson, 228-7512
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Pat's is perched on Bayou Amy with a quintessential Cajun atmosphere and menu. Pat's Atchafalaya Club has live music every weekend, so dancing off your dinner is a likelihood. The catfish platter is five fried filets, and the shrimp and lump crabmeat camp-style étouffée is a sure thing.

**209 E. St. Peter, Carencro, 896-3788
Daily: Dinner

The shrimp is so fresh at Paul's Pirogue you can still taste the sweet brine of the sea when you bite into its stellar poboys and platters. Local faves are the signature Paul's Pirogue Special, a creamy combination of crabmeat, eggplant and shrimp topped with Parmesan and baked; the Green Gumbo, made with spinach, andouille, potatoes, white beans and, if you ask, lavished with jumbo lump crabmeat; and heaping platters of boiled and fried seafood. Try the house drink, the Tropical Storm - because it's almost a Hurricane.

325 W. Mills Ave., Breaux Bridge, 332-4648
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The menu at Pont Breaux's is classic Cajun, with everything over rice and abundant seafood offerings. The house specialties, like Catfish Pont Breaux's and seafood platter, are a sure-fire way to fill up, or try the seafood salad with a cup of seafood, chicken and sausage or shrimp and okra gumbo. Live Cajun music every night sets the tone for a traditional Cajun meal.

240 Tubing Road, Broussard, 235-8559
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday:
Dinner; Sunday: Lunch

Windows overlooking its own private swamp are a clue to the strengths of this menu, and seafood is the star at Riverside. A creamy crawfish bisque is a great starter. Riverside is the place to order Maine lobster (boiled, broiled and stuffed), crabmeat-stuffed flounder topped with crawfish and mushrooms, or the simple delicacy of fresh jumbo lump crab meat sauteed in butter.

3480 NE Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette, 896-3247
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The menu at Prejean's can be a little overwhelming with dozens of choices, but the Crab Lovers Extravaganza is crab at its finest over fresh angel hair pasta tossed in a creamy lump crabmeat sauce and a grilled crab cake with a crispy fried soft shell crab, or the ever-favorite crawfish enchiladas. Wild game specialties include a rack of venison and crispy duckling, or a cup of smoked duck and andouille gumbo. Live Cajun music seven days a week makes Prejean's dining an experience.

104 Republic Ave. Ste. B, Lafayette, 504-4625
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and dinner

Rachael's offers the traditional Cajun foods like fried seafood platters, meat pies and daily plate lunch specials, but this joint also offers a menu with a healthy side. Build your own lunch or dinner that's low-carb, gluten-free and heart healthy. Try the meatloaf with a side of coconut sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts for a tasty yet healthy home cooking.

2320 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 981-7080
Daily: Dinner

The live Cajun music kicks off every night at 6:30 p.m., providing the setting for Randol's menu of Cajun and Creole classics. Seafood platters are abundant with shrimp, crawfish, oyster and soft shell crab, or sop up a seafood fondue with garlic toast. For a little variety, try the snapper crusted in Panko and topped with lump crab meat in a spicy curry cream.

7413 Hwy. 90 W., New Iberia, 365-7596
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday-Sunday: Dinner

R & M's name says it all: boiled. Boiled crabs, crawfish and shrimp, as well as seafood favorites like alligator, catfish, alligator and crawfish are what you will find at this Highway 90 destination. Other menu items include seafood topped sandwiches and salads and appetizers showcasing what's under the sea.

1516 S. Henry St., Abbeville, 893-1693
Monday-Saturday: Dinner

Since 1957, Abbeville's oldest crawfish patio has packed 'em in during summer months with boiled crabs and shrimp boiled in your choice of water, beer, wine or Bloody Mary mix. They start serving crawfish early - within the first few weeks of November - so snatch the restaurant's most popular appetizer: Crawfish Roll-ups, which is a deep-fried egg roll stuffed with a crawfish étouffée-like concoction. If it's not crawfish season, try the garlic butter grilled oysters or the nightly seafood buffet.

1409 Henderson Hwy., Henderson, 228-7594
Tuesday-Saturday: Dinner

A well-kept secret in Acadiana, Robin's is a diamond in Henderson with different distinct gumbos of shrimp or crab or a combination. The crawfish bisque is unsurpassed, as well as the frog legs étouffée and the crab meat au gratin. The wine list is extensive, with incredible wines from around the world. Robin's also serves house-made ice cream, including Tabasco and a homemade fig that was created to lure Julia Child to the restaurant. If you love what you eat at Robin's, check out their website as you can order some of their dishes straight to your doorstep.

19466 Hwy. 182 W., Jeanerette, 276-5512
Wednesday-Friday and Sunday: Lunch
Wednesday-Saturday: Dinner

One of the oldest restaurants in Acadiana, the Yellow Bowl is credited with being the first restaurant to fry crawfish tails. Its crawfish bisque and étouffée are legendary, fried catfish comes bone-in, and the seafood platter is too big for any one person to finish. It's worth the trek to Jeanerette to experience a piece of Acadiana dining history.

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403B S. Buchanan St., Lafayette, 277-9831
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch

Americas Coffee House is a departure from downtown in a spacious and all-white hideaway one block off Jefferson Street. Owner Floyd Willis is almost always the one to make your coffee, and it's a great place to get some work done or visit with friends. With new menu items including sandwiches and soups, it's easy to stop while Downtown for work or play.

1321 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 534-0173
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch

Stop in this cozy house off busy Pinhook Road for a menu full of treats that cater to those with dietary restrictions. Whether you are a diabetic or need gluten-free foods, Bibi's has what you want. From cookies, cakes, muffins and cupcakes, you are bound to find a flavor to die for. Complete your snack with a cup of a brew from Reve Roasters and relax in the shop while you nibble and sip.

518 S. Pierce Street, Suite 100, Lafayette, 889-3862
Monday-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

Hot coffee, Scotch eggs and a sweet potato biscuit will comfort you at this little gem off Congress Street on the edge of Downtown Lafayette. Sit inside or on the patio and relax with a book or hit up the drive thru if you're headed off to work.

BORDEN'S Ice Cream Shoppe
1103 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 235-9291
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Kackie Lerille's old-fashioned ice cream parlor is the only retail Borden's shop left in the U.S. Traditional cups, cones, banana splits, shakes and all the Borden's flavors are still on hand, as well as piping hot Community Coffee and pastries. You can also get an all-beef hot dog or Frito pie topped with homemade chili. Try your cone dipped in Gold Brick - it's divine.

1812 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 504-4242
125 Courthouse Street, Breaux Bridge, 337-3577
219 St. Nazarie Road, Broussard, 839-0610
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Donuts, eclairs, beignets, oh my! Grab a dozen and share with the family or the office and don't forget a fresh cup of coffee. Famous donut-style king cakes are also available for custom order to complete whatever holiday you're celebrating.

812 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 534-4155
Tuesday-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; Saturday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

Erik Graveson and Silvia Bertolazzi know a thing or two about java and treats. Bertolazzi grew up in Merano, Italy, and bases Carpe Diem's gelato on what is offered in her hometown. Gelato is a lighter form of ice cream made with milk, not cream. Check out the dozens of flavors inspired by seasonal herbs and fruit -- for those who don't do dairy, the sorbetto is a tasty option, too. Grab a cup of espresso and a seat outside to embrace the flow of Downtown.

130 N. College, Lafayette, 269-9281
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
1315 Camellia Blvd., Suite 100, River Ranch, 406-2052
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
2825 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 981-3556
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
4600 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., 983-2386
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
100 Rex St., UL Campus, 235-7686
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch

The first Community Coffee opened in 1919 outside of Baton Rouge in a country store and began roasting its own beans to brew. The Saurage family has owned it this whole time and now has cafés far and wide. The coffee is uniquely Louisiana and the whipped Mochasippis are an icy treat. The pastry case is never empty - try a blueberry muffin or chocolate chip cookie.

1921 Kaliste Saloom Road Suite 111, Lafayette, 534-8700
MondaySaturday: Lunch and Dinner

Lafayette's first dessert restaurant offers gourmet coffee as well as cakes, brownies, gourmet truffles, ice cream and inventive cake shakes. Indulge sells dessert wines, as well as chocolate covered wine bottles which of course, have wine inside. It's a great atmosphere for children as well as adults.

3123 1/2 Johnston St., Lafayette, 534-4065
Sunday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Come for the cappuccino, grab a seat and plug in your laptop at this popular destination for coffee and work. Johnson Street Java is the stop for a great selection of coffee as well as sandwiches, blueberry muffins and even a tasty tiramisu for a nightcap. Stop in and relax at the coffee bar, or zip through the drive-thru.

1042 Camellia Blvd., Suite 5, River Ranch, 704-2287
Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch
Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Katie Meaux bakes up a storm in her River Ranch shop, with cake pops, cupcakes and bouquet cakes. The cake pops are a dense cake dipped in a coating - chocolate or vanilla or even butter rum make these bite-sized delights sinfully delicious. Red velvet and wedding cake pops are by far the crowd favorite, but you can also order up these flavors in a full size cake for any occasion.

402 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette,981-4918
306 E. Willow St., Lafayette, 232-3782
2605 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 989-9909
205 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, 993-1058
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Meche's Donut King is no doubt a Lafayette icon for the best hot glaze donuts around. Whether ordering the kolaches with a cup of Joe or donut holes with Borden's milk, you will get a sugar high at Meche's. Of course no Mardi Gras is complete without a famous Meche's king cake - when Carnival season ends, you can still get a king cake custom ordered for whatever the celebration: Ragin' Cajun tailgating, Saints game Sundays or birthday parties are not complete without a festive Meche's cake.

1902 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 232-7921
Tuesday-Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

100 E. Vermilion, Suite 103, Lafayette, 553-4423
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Hand-shaped loaves of French baguettes, ciabatta, sourdough and buckwheat come out of the ovens at Poupart's early in the morning. Stop in to sip some coffee, read the paper, munch on a beignet or a stuffed biscuit to your heart's content. Exquisite French pastries fill the counters, and at lunch time the bakery offers sandwiches and quiches. The authentic French pastries made famous by the Pinhook location, plus coffee and other on-the-go beverages, are available at the Downtown Lafayette location with tranquil courtyard seating. Head there for lunch to fill up on the homemade bisques, diverse array of excellent sandwiches and quiches.

3209 Johnston St., Lafayette, 456-5582
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and early dinner

Sophi P. was the first to bring attention to gourmet cupcakes in Lafayette, and executive chef Jennifer Melancon has crafted unique cupcakes that no one in town has been able to duplicate. Seasonal and holiday specialty flavors join the famous mainstays like Red Velvet Deluxe, Atomic Chocolate and 20 unique cupcake flavors. Stop in for a dozen or just a single, sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk for a pick-me-up. You can also get inventive savory breakfast items like the boudin quiche and kolache muffins - order a bunch to treat your coworkers as you head to the office.

4519 W. Congress St., Lafayette, 233-8636
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Southside Bakery's burgers are legendary, as are the cases full of sweets and fresh breads. Breakfast biscuits, kolaches and cinnamon rolls are on the menu to start your day or grab a crawfish or crab burgers along with a salad for lunch.

1042 Camellia Blvd., Suite 6, Lafayette, 889-5782
Daily: hours vary

The Lab features over 50 teas and rotates seven blends of coffee in its brewing - you can find some of the best blends nationwide from select micro roasters. Owner Thomas Peters and his staff are knowledgeable and provide tastes to start your morning and also a place to gather with friends over a cup of espresso and conversation. While you're there, pick up a housemade pastry like a bacon bomb or signature cold cream to add a little smile to your day - you can't go wrong with a scoop or two of Happiness.

149 Fuselier Rd., Arnaudville, 754-7147
Wednesday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

This coffee shop has quickly become Arnaudville's makeshift cultural center, hosting events in its ever-expanding restaurant. There are daily lunch specials that accompany the coffee menu, as well as pastries and cakes. You won't want to miss the brunch buffet of eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and more.

2801 Johnston St., Lafayette, 268-9488
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Twins Billy and Denny Guilbeaux make a hamburger unlike any other in Lafayette with homemade buns baked daily - they also make great hot dogs and sweet delights like coconut macaroons, Dobash cakes, petit fours and cupcakes in South College Shopping Center.

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4110 Johnston St., Lafayette, 984-1823
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Dinner

Alesi's classic neon signs draws in diners from Johnston Street, and the menu offers something for every eater. Alesi's specializes in traditional home-style Italian cooking, and serves spaghetti the Sicilian way. The Baked Lasagna offers layers of noodles blended with their own meat and cheese recipe and topped with a delicious meat sauce. The Pizza La Mike, 12-inches of cheese, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon on a crisp, thin crust and two half antipasto salads, is the house specialty for two to share or one with a big appetite.

1118-A Coolidge St., Lafayette, 232-8384
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Tucked back in the corner of the Oil Center Gardens is this tasty Italian eatery. Antoni's standout dish is its calzone, and stuff it with a plethora of choices, from sundried tomatoes to artichokes and Italian sausage. Try the Shrimp Sophia pizza, a local favorite, or the authentic bolognese sauce in the lasagne or on spaghetti. The restaurant still offers beloved menu items along with new items like salmon and veal chops, and the crowd pleasing spaghetti and meatballs are now offered all day.

1540 Johnston St., Lafayette, 233-0420
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Bisbano's welcomes in patrons of all ages, tastes and hunger for its unique pizza topping combinations. There are plenty of other offerings on the menu, but the best bet is the pizza, including the Shoot the Moon, which is covered in pepperoni, beef, Canadian bacon, sausage, mushrooms, olives, onion, green pepper and jalapeños. For something a little lighter, the Mediterranean Belly Dancer combines shrimp or chicken, marinated spinach with virgin olive oil, green onions, fresh mint, parsley, lemon juice and special white cheese. Stop by the cellar, where live music happens every night Thursday through Saturday or show off your talents at open mic night on Wednesdays.

2484 W. Congress St., Lafayette, 235-8332
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

BJ's offers some of the most wallet-friendly pizza in town, and prides itself on specialties like the Mexican Pizza and Peggy's Delight, which piles pepperoni, shrimp, jalapeno on Cajun bread with pizza sauce provolone. The Royal Flush sandwich piles on ham, salami, roast beef, turkey, bacon, swiss and cheddar, and the New Orleans burger is an unexpected delight. For something that's finger lickin' good, try the wings as well. Not in the mood to dine in? BJ's can deliver right to your door.

100 Berard St., Breaux Bridge, 442-6630
Tuesday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

If unconventional pizza is your M.O., look no further than Buck and Johnny's specialty pizza menu. The Steakhouse pizza is flavors of a roasted garlic cream sauce, parmesan and bleu cheese, prime rib, mushrooms and caramelized onions, or get the Bayou Blast with cheddar, alligator sausage, shrimp, crawfish, jalapeños and onions. On Tuesdays, kids eat free and can enjoy the sounds of a kids zydeco band. The pizzeria is housed in the former Domingues Motors building in historic downtown Breaux Bridge, and the outdoor porch is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and watch the world go by.

301 Heymann Blvd., Lafayette, 265-2515
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

What once was Bella Figura has moved to the Oil Center and re-opened as Café Bella for a new spin on Italian. This restaurant offers a more casual feel for lunch time and breaks out the linens at night for dinner service. The Pasta Sicilia with shrimp sautéed in a roasted red pepper cream sauce with fresh jalapeños over linguini pasta is perfect for lunch. Treat yourself for dinner with the Veal Picatta, pan-sautéed veal with a lemon caper sauce over wild mushroom ravioli.

305 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 233-5446
2312 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 534-8092
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

DeanO's is a Lafayette icon with pizzas and sandwiches equally memorable for local flavors. The pies are topped with ingredients rich with Cajun flair, like the Marie LeVeaux with blue point crabs, mushrooms and onions, or the Cajun Executioner with pepperoni, hot sausage, shrimp, onions, bell peppers and handfuls of jalapeños. DeanO's is always a crowd favorite after ball games and birthdays alike.

615 Albertson Pkwy., Broussard, 837-3781
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Dine in or drive-thru, and try one of the 10 specialty pizzas like the best selling JJ Special (a thin crust pizza served with pepperoni, hamburger, shrimp, pork sausage, onions and jalapeños), the Rooster (chicken, onions, green peppers and mushrooms), or Gator Bait (pork sausage, chicken, onions and jalapenos). If you're in the mood for a dose of dairy, go for the scrumptious cheese bread.

3809 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 989-4121
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

La Pizzeria offers a variety of popular pizzas as well as other Italian-inspired treats such as calzones, pastas, soups and salads. Want to try out being a vegetarian for the day? The gardeniera calzone is loaded with fresh veggies ranging from grilled zucchini to squash and packs a flavor punch because the homemade pesto base showers the vegetables. Pizza toppings include grilled chicken, shrimp, and fresh herbs and vegetables, or try the Mirabella pasta, a vegetarian melange of zucchini, portabella mushrooms and roasted garlic in a sundried tomato pesto over angel hair.

340 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 235-1002
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Pick out your own bottle on the way in through Marcello's wine market at retail price and pay a corkage fee. Lunch offers one of the best values in town, with sandwiches on homemade bread like the Caprese Veal Burger and the Pollo Panini, which consists of grilled chicken, arugula, tomatoes and provolone with roasted garlic aioli. Try the fresh mussels appetizer, a hearty heaping of mussels pan-sautéed with white wine, spices both savory and hot and tomatoes to make a sauce that tempts you to drink out of its bowl. For the main dish, order the Lamb Ragu with hearty lamb and tomato sauce tossed with fettuccinee topped with grilled lamb lollipops and pecorino romano. Marcello's is now offering a private dining room perfect for large groups looking to gather over wine and bites.

1935 Moss St., Lafayette, 232-1418

2340 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 706-8644
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

This classic northside pizzeria expanded to the south side to bring its crispy, thin crusts and fresh toppings to the rest of Lafayette. The Landry Special comes loaded with pepperoni, hamburger, shrimp, onions and jalapeños, or design your own. The appetizers include the classic wings and mozzarella sticks, perfect for watching football games and accompanying pitchers of beer.

806 I-10 South Frontage Road, Scott, 456-8026
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

There's a little Italy inside Rochetto's, created by Fezzo's owners who teamed up with Brady Benton to create an unexpected but authentic menu. The salad's Italian, the sandwiches are Italian, the wine, the dessert, everything says Italy except the purple and gold pizza dubbed Tiger Pride. There are small nods to the Fezzo's influence, including the Cajun crawfish pizza and the Cajun Rage pizzas.

115 Stonemont Road, Lafayette, 988-9790
Daily: Lunch and Dinner
220 Prescott Blvd, Suite 100, Youngsville, 451-6198
Monday-Thursday: Dinner; Friday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

In the heart of Acadiana's traditional neighborhood developments, River Ranch and Sugar Mill Pond, you can dine inside or enjoy fresh air while people-watching on the patio at Romacelli. Starters include the feta cheese rolls, hummus, roasted beef-topped Turkish flat bread and the Tuscan-seared tuna. Popular pizzas like pesto chicken are one option, or try the avocado sandwich piled with tomato, tuna, mozzarella and garlic sauce.

4807 Johnston St., Lafayette, 406-2477
Tuesday-Saturday: Dinner

After a few other restaurant ventures, Sicilian native Maurizio Principato opened his newest Italian venture to rave reviews. The prices are reasonable and you get a true taste of Principato's homeland with fresh ingredients in food made with love.

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1120 Coolidge St. #A, Lafayette, 534-4749
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Brunch

Self-described in its logo as "not your typical Mexican," Acme Taco brings a fun twist to the traditional Mexican options in town with a la carte tacos at $3-4 a pop with choice of meat. Try one of the margarita concoctions like the Super Sonic that blends classic margarita flavors with bits of cherry, and go for the borracho beans for your side, which are pinto beans simmered in Dos Equis with bacon, spices and peppers.

200 E. Vermilion St., Lafayette, 289-0000
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
509 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 889-5540
Daily: Lunch and Dinner
1919 Kaliste Saloom Road, Ste. 301, Lafayette, 534-0774
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

At lunchtime, a dish as simple as fried fish tacos is dynamite. If you don't have to go back to work, waste the afternoon away on the sunny, funkified patio Downtown; more than 40 agave tequilas are on hand. We like Mexican seafood dishes like the shrimp and crawfish stuffed peppers, but the big enchilada at Agave is the twin beef tenderloin medallions stuffed with Louisiana crawfish, roasted poblano peppers and a Central American stuffing, crowned with Louisiana crawfish and an ancho pepper jack and cheddar cheese sauce.

3535 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 769-1088
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Tex-Mex all the way, with a large assortment of nachos, enchiladas and burritos. The salsa is a local favorite, but what we like best is the range in the fajita menu that includes baby back ribs, marinated rib-eye, chili and lime chicken, bacon wrapped shrimp, fried shrimp and a plenitude of beans, pico de gallo and good guacamole. Sopapillas, those little fat puffs of fried pastry with a sweet honey drizzle, round out the meal.

3558 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 837-7720
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Blue Agave has a dynamic menu that includes Vaca Rellena, fajita steak stuffed with a large anaheim pepper and jack cheese, smothered with chile con queso and chipotle sauce, served with Mexican rice, charro beans, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeno relish. The drink menu offers a plethora of tasty margaritas.

911 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 857-7527
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner;
Thursday and Friday: Late Night

Owner Rafael Garcia has brought all of the staples from his native Cuba to Lafayette. Lighten up your palate with a fresh mint, lime and rum mojito - fabulous and always two for the price of one at Café Habana, and be sure to try the pollo a la barbacoa, two dark meat pieces of chicken cooked slowly in soy sauce and butter until it's fall-off-the-bone tender. The ropa vieja shredded beef cooked in Spanish sauce, bell peppers, onions and herbs, and the Sandwich Cubano served with fried plantains are both great, but the real star of the menu is the Cuban tamales, spiked with a dab of salsa verde. End your experience with Cuban coffee and flan for a stellar finish.

5741 Johnston St., Lafayette, 988-3668
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Coyote Blues has hit on a winning recipe with fresh Tex-Mex with a Louisiana fusion and mesquite-burning grills. Some of the best margaritas in town are shaken up behind the popular bar. A fresh starter is the ceviche, Acapulco-style shrimp and scallops marinated in citrus juice and pico de gallo topped with jumbo lump crab meat and diced avocado. Check out the Churrascaria, skewers of marinated tenderloin (served with Chimichuri, an Argentinean-style grilling sauce), chicken ribbons, jumbo shrimp and jalapeno sausage grilled with peppers and onions or the smoked St. Louis style ribs. Don't leave without trying the white chocolate bread pudding.

1934 Moss St., Lafayette, 237-1188
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Expect an authentic, laid back atmosphere and savory Mexican favorites like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas and shrimp dishes packed with large Gulf shrimp. Sundays and Mondays, the happy hour specials run all day long, making for even happier hours. If it's a happy birthday you want, El Potrillo has you covered and your photo might even end up on the charming wall of polaroids.

400 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 706-7799
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The Louisiana-based chain located on Jefferson Street has become a new Downtown hot spot. The margaritas are strong but still flavorful. Frozen ritas are available in traditional, strawberry or mango, or opt for a traditional (or top shelf or suprema) on the rocks - on Thursday, grab two for the price of one. Definitely get something with pork in it, like the tacos al pastor. La Carreta doesn't take shortcuts on slow-cooking and shredding the pork with onions, and it's apparent. Tender and so full of rich flavor, it's definitely worth trying at least once. The shredded beef isn't shabby, either, with an unexpectedly bright lime taste to it.

809 Albertson Pkwy., Broussard, 837-1700
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Tucked away in a strip mall off Albertsons Parkway, La Hacienda's dark and cozy bar is a great place for a margarita and a Mexican dinner before heading to the movies. The nachos tapatios, topped with grilled chicken, steak and shrimp constitutes a meal in itself, or go for the mi pubio steak, covered with shrimp, chorizo and cheese. Known for its fajitas and margaritas, La Hacienda offers Mexican flavors along with a happy hour and live entertainment.

412 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Lafayette, 235-5044
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

This Mexican grocery tucked into the edge of Lafayette has not only goods for sale but amazing Latin fare. This is the real thing. It's easier to know some Spanish when you go here but not mandatory. Expect to eat like a king for under $10, and this is a great place to pick up groceries as well. Whether you eat inside or take it to-go, the traditional tacos, like the barbacoa, are the closest thing to Mexico in Cajun country.

4807 Johnston St., Lafayette, 988-1312
Saturday and Sunday: Breakfast; Daily: Lunch; Monday-Saturday: Dinner

La Pagua moved down the road to a larger location on Johnston Street, but it's still serving up authentic Mexican cuisine. Standouts are the enmoladas, enchiladas topped with mole sauce, the lengua (yep that's beef tongue - it's a delicacy for a good reason) taco and the torta de pierna, a Mexican poboy stuffed with marinated, roasted pork, tomatoes, onions and avocado.

600 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 266-2325
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Located in the lobby of Downtown Lafayette's Chase Tower, Lobos Southwest Kitchen is in the business of serving Southwestern cuisine with menu items like the Chicken and Sausage Tortilla Soup and the Lobos Club Sandwhich made with grilled chicken breast, apple wood bacon, Monterey jack cheese, sliced avocados, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo served on a warm-preseed wheat Ciabatta bun.

832 Martin Luther King Road, Charenton, 924-2226
Daily: dinner

Loco offers Southwestern flavor not too far from the action of poker, blackjack and the jingle-jangle from a multitude of slot machines - press your luck and double down with dishes like burritos, fajitas and sweet sopapillas. Don't forget to add an order of guacamole made table-side by the Loco staff. And of course, a margarita or two as it's always a fiesta at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel.

2633 SE Evangeline Thrwy., Lafayette, 234-4798
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Start with the Nachos a la Mexicana, a whopper of an appetizer loaded with fajita steak, chicken, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, beans, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole. If you've still got room, the Mole Rojo is chicken with the famous dark sauce with a hint of chocolate, served with rice and tortillas. Los Mayas also offers a small selection of American items like the grilled hamburger with fries.

3235 NW Evangeline Thrwy., Carencro, 896-1200
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Don't miss the fresh, chunky guacamole, made table-side. Chef specialty Camarones Surenos are jumbo shrimp stuffed with cheeses and chiles wrapped in bacon, coated with a spicy batter and fried until crispy. Picante's margaritas should get you good and loose for Wednesday and Saturday night karaoke. Dance to live entertainment on Fridays and on Sunday the big screen plays sports all day.

407 Johnston St., Lafayette, 234-8226
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Early Dinner; Saturday: Lunch

Taco Sisters' smoke fresh Gulf fish & shrimp, chicken, pork and smothered brisket come in a smoked meat or seafood a soft taco, grilled with olive oil and dressed with a fresh combo of spring greens, chopped apples, celery, green onions, carrots and a swipe of secret sauce. Fresh salads and satisfying burritos round out the menu. Drive thru or enjoy the picnic tables in the colorful garden.

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3551 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 988-7618
Daily: Lunch and Dinner
2133 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 216-9975
Daily: Lunch and Dinner
431 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 234-8955
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
2942 Grand Point Highway, Breaux Bridge, 454-6016

The downtown location offers outdoor seating where you can watch the world go by while munching on authentic Mediterranean fare. Try their homemade fried falafel or a gyro, or go for the best deal in town, the buffet at the Ambassador and downtown locations, which offers hummus, baba ganoush, tabouli, grape leaves, mousaka, gyro and chicken shawarma and falafel with rice, and a candied almond. Grab a Lebanese coffee on the drive back to work.

1115 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 233-5460
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

Opened in 1981, Cedar Grocery & Deli has an all-star lineup of 16 original sandwiches on the menu, evolving from rotating daily specials. Classics include the Space Shuttle; spicy sauce powers every bite of pastrami, salami, ham, mortadella and provolone with lettuce, tomatoes on a French loaf; the fried haloumi poboy; the Labani, layered with yogurt, kalamata olives, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil and mint; and Chicken Tandoori, which marries the smoky flavors of tandoori with tahini sauce. Meat pies, falafel sandwiches, hummus and lentil soup are other longtime favorites. Check them out for fantastic groceries, as well. Be sure to bring cash or check, as Cedar Grocery & Deli still does not accept debit and credit cards.

2510 Johnston St., Lafayette, 534-0110
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Looking for Arabic cuisine that is familiar yet authentic? Look no further than Gyro King. The cooks and owners share their family's recipes with Lafayette at this lunch and dinner place. Try the chicken shawarma melt, which combines cheese, the traditional chicken cut right off the rounded grillers and pita bread or the tabouleh salad, made with mujudarah, hummus and a hint of lemon.

103 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 235-9154
Monday: Lunch; Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner;
Saturday: Dinner

Mediterranean options abound at Poseidon's, which has offered authentic Greek food for 20 years. From a light gyro salad or gyro sandwich to hearty traditional moussaka, Poseidon's offers a full experience in Greek cuisine. Try the stuffed grape leaves and follow up with herb infused leg-of-lamb cooked in red wine. Finish with baklava, the delicate syrup and almond and honey traditional dessert.

1503 N. Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 456-6020
Monday-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Owner Mustafa Ozen is Turkish. His partner, Ramzi Nassour is Lebanese. The running joke between the two men involves a disagreement about whether the kibbe and kefta, the baba ganoush and chicken shawarma, the Lebanese tea and Turkish coffee, hail from Beirut or Istanbul. For customers who want an all-American menu, there's baked potatoes and steak sandwiches, but for those with a taste for the Mediterranean, go for the tang of yogurty tzatziki.

3809 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 406-9387
Daily: Lunch and Dinner, full dining
1103 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 269-1434
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner, full dining
4100 Johnston St., Lafayette, 704-0344
Monday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner, express
1315 Camellia Blvd. Suite 300, 704-9387
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
2728 W. Pinhook Road (in the Shell Station), 234-4333
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
271 East Lewis St. (on UL Campus), 289-9387
Monday-Thursday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; Friday: Breakfast and Lunch
423 Jefferson St. Lafayette, 504-4275
Monday-Wednesday: Lunch and Dinner; Thursday-Saturday: Lunch, Dinner and Late Night

You can measure the popularity of Zeus' traditional Greek and Lebanese fare by its expansion of locations. Every location is unique - the Johnston Street spot includes a drive-thru, and at the UL location you can get breakfast. Lunch specials include overflowing gyro and chicken pita plates, served with hummus, feta salad and a healthy dose of garlic throughout. For dinner, go around the world with the Zeus Special Plate: a Mediterranean sampler of chicken shawarma, gyro, hummus, fried kibbe, meat grape leaves, mujadarah and tabouli. At Zeus the pita's always warm and so is the hospitality.

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740 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 889-3832
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and dinner

Downtown diners looking for something healthy to go should stop at Anne's Table for dishes that are big on flavor and low on fat. All of the meals here are gluten-free, except for the whole wheat bread sandwiches. Try the shrimp paella for classic Spanish flavors with brown and wild rice for a nutty flavor that compliments the chorizo and shrimp in the dish. For dessert, order a slice of olive oil cake with orange glaze.

112 Rue Promenade, Lafayette, 504-3365
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Be prepared to wait around for a table at Another Broken Egg, but not so bad with a spicy Bloody Mary in your hand. The Floridian omelette is a cream-cheese-filled fluffy egg concoction with crabmeat sautéed in garlic butter - what could be better? Or tuck crawfish and andouille inside an omelette and sip a mimosa. Another Broken Egg has become the River Ranch breakfast and brunch spot. Stick around for lunch fare of sandwiches, burgers and salads.

902 Johnston St., Lafayette, 233-3331
Daily: Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night

Artmosphere is a live music venue, art gallery, hookah bar and café all rolled into one. Catch indie bands, karaoke and trivia night here while you order from the kitchen, open late, offering something for everyone, with soups, salads, gourmet pizzas and the house favorite, Up In Smoke, a tortilla wrap rolled with chicken, spinach, salsa, bean dip and cheese.

258 Bendel Road, Lafayette, 408-3930
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch, Thursday-Saturday: Dinner

This restaurant, market and deli is all about seriously playful food. The porchetta sandwich on sourdough is a filling portion of herb and garlic pork belly and onion jam slathered with a spicy beer mustard or there's the crowd favorite fried chicken skin or cracklin to snack while you wait. Check out the condiments like the General Lee pickles and confections that could put Little Debbie out of business - oatmeal cream pie anyone? Homemade marshmallow fluff and chewy oatmeal cakes are no child's play.

3524 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 504-2346
Daily: Breakfast; Thursday-Saturday: Dinner

Whether you're looking for breakfast, brunch or lunch on the Southside, stop in at Brick and Spoon for a plate of pure goodness. The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farms and markets and is very knowledgeable about what they serve. Build a custom Bloody Mary and add all the usual fixins and a few extra like a strip of bacon or a seafood deviled egg. At dinner time, try the smoked Gouda mac for a grown-up cheesy bite.

1155 Coolidge St., Lafayette, 235-4566
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Tucked away in the Oil Center, Café Lola offers lunches that are as healthy as they are tasty. The baked potato soup on Wednesdays and Friday's seafood bisque are both winners. A local fave is the cobb salad, but the shrimp wrap is a filling but lighter lunch. Crab cakes show up on salads and sandwiches with just-right remoulade sauce. A turkey, provolone, avocado sandwich with sprouts on squaw bread is a hot item. If you call or fax your order in before 11 a.m. you get a free cookie, and it's worth it.

**902 Saint Mary St., Scott, 704-2280
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Near the train tracks in the small city of Scott, the Coffee Depot's many menu items are named to reflect the spirit of an old railway depot. Stop in for a Conductor Croissant for breakfast or the classic Boxcar breakfast. For lunch, try the new hamburger addition or a tasty BLT or the Brakeman burger served with freshly made potato chips or pasta salad. There are also soups and specialty coffee drinks to keep your warm and awake.

2832 Verot School Road, Lafayette, 233-0329
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner;
Sunday: Lunch and Early Dinner

At this lunch hot-spot, the boiler is always going with shrimp, crabs and crawfish and the daily lunch specials are hearty but also extremely flavorful. Dax is no stranger to barbecue nor seafood and the love of home cooking goes into every plate. There are also plenty of poboy and burger options to dive into as well.

323 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 235-9364
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast doesn't get any better when you head Downtown to indulge in pancakes, omelets, biscuits or French toast. Who needs to make breakfast when Dwyer's does it so well? This downtown institution, known for its hearty breakfast and plate lunches, offers down-home fare like fried catfish, hamburger steak with grilled onions and gravy, meatloaf, baked turkey, roast beef and roast pork. You'll always see smiling faces working here and most likely one of the Dwyer boys serving on the line.

1400 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 234-2485
Monday-Friday: Breakfast

Edie's loves ya like a biscuit and that's no lie. Do not pass up the honey-drizzled biscuits, or go for blueberry or cinnamon. Make a breakfast sandwich, if you prefer, with meat, egg and cheese or fried chicken on a biscuit. The kolaches are stuffed with pork roast or barbecue brisket. If you're not looking to binge, the menu also holds fruit, oatmeal and omelets chock full of veggies.

1322 Moss St., Lafayette, 234-4773
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner, Sunday: Lunch

Founded in 1968 by Joe Petro, this corner restaurant's motto is "Best Chicken in Town, Ask a Friend." You can get fried catfish plates, catfish, shrimp and roast beef poboys, baked chicken and red beans and rice plates in addition to stellar fried chicken. Fat Albert's is also the place to fill up on fried chicken livers, delicious and, yep, filling.

854-A Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 236-8966
Tuesday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch

Great Harvest has a full line-up of breakfast sandwiches, cold sandwiches and paninis made with fresh meats, veggies and cheeses on their fresh baked honey whole wheat, Dakota (wheat with grains), wheat or white focaccia or their Challah white bread. It also has a selection of unique salads like Field of Greens: mixed greens, spicy pecans, chopped apples, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds with either Becky's vinaigrette, bleu cheese, honey mustard or ranch.

3313 Cameron St., Lafayette, 235-7874
Monday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

Hot Food Express is one of the best deals in town. This is food for hungry folks, platters of grilled or fried seafood coupled with steak, big homemade burgers, barbecued chicken, fish, shrimp and crawfish, Indian curry fried rice. Try the Zee special for a taste of stirfry chicken and shrimp with fried rice and veggies. Throw in sides like egg rolls, stuffed crab or crawfish pies.

**500 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 232-5040
Monday: Lunch; Tuesday-Friday: Lunch, Dinner and Late Night; Saturday: Brunch, Dinner and Late Night; Sunday: Closed

Jefferson Street Pub's menu elevates gastropub food to something comforting and delicious paired perfectly with one of the pub's 35 beers on tap. The JSP burger packs a punch of spice and smoke from the house chipotle ailoi and gouda cheese. Try a daily specials or stop by for the Saturday vinyl brunch for the Eggs Royale - a twist on a Benedict with smoked salmon and braised collard greens.

503 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, 237-3661   
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

For the past 30 plus years Joey's has offered something for all tastes. From soups, salads and baked potatoes to poboys and sandwiches, it's easy to please the whole gang. Bold sandwiches crafted from turducken breasts, ribeye stack and the Rueben are just killer. Call in or check online to find out the daily hot lunch specials such as honey roasted chicken, rainbow trout with spinach Madeline, pork enchiladas or hamburger steak. This is also the place to pick up dinner - fresh meats and seafood if you feel like cooking, or one of Joey's great homemade entrees like Lasagna with Joey's own Italian sausage.

1414 Moss St., Lafayette, 234-5658
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Louisiana fried seafood platters are right alongside Chinese egg rolls and fried rice on the menu at Louisiana Hot Food. (Where else can you get a fried catfish or soft shell crab platter with shrimp fried rice instead of french fries?) Located in the same building as Louisiana Seafood Market, Louisiana Hot Food specializes in perfectly fried fresh seafood and fast takeout.

2208 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 981-6373
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Masala cooks in a clay tandoori oven to capture the authentic flavor of meat roasted at high temperatures. The mixed grill of chicken and lamb highlights the world of Indian spices. Try the Chili Chicken, which marries ginger, garlic and red and green chilis in a pungent sauce, or the smooth rich Saag, a sauce of creamed baby spinach and fenugreek over a choice of lamb, chicken or paneer, the restaurant's homemade cheese. The butter chicken is the most popular item, and for good reason. But go back to India for dessert; the kheer rice pudding is divine.

2956 Johnston St., Lafayette, 235-6219
1225 Evangeline Thrwy., Broussard, 267-6357
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is an option at this 24-hour diner with a retro feel. Classic pancake stacks with a side of bacon, comforting BLTs, old home favorites like hamburger steak and mashed potatoes and bottomless cups of coffee will get you through the day or night. Try what made Mel's magical: its biscuits and white gravy.

3803 Moss St., Lafayette, 261-1199
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner

The name says it all - here is a place where the potato reigns supreme. Speaking of supreme, you can get your spud served up that way or with steak, chicken, seafood or any number of combinations. If tubers aren't your thing try the pasta, gumbo or bisque. Make sure to nab some of Potato Place's freshly squeezed lemonade.

1 Degaulle Square, Lafayette, 981-8085
Monday-Saturday: Dinner and Late Night

POUR is your destination for a bevy of vino and craft cocktails from a friendly and knowledgeable bar staff. The charcuterie and small plate menu will please - the grilled cheese and tomato soup is a must. A user-friendly, state-of-the-art electronic set-up allows patrons to taste as many wines as they like. If wine isn't your thing, they have a selection of more than 20 classic and original cocktails as well as a wonderful craft beer menu. Be sure to ask about daily specials and about live music acts.

902 Harding St., Lafayette, 234-1116
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

Shop for antiques and stop for lunch. The European bistro has a reputation for Lebanese dishes like meat pies, baked kibbe and lentil soup with sausage. Homemade gumbos, Tuscan chicken soup, and a chicken salad with apples on multi grain bread are all popular dishes. Afternoons, coffee and a slice of cake are a well-deserved respite from the buzz of the Oil Center.

105 St. Landry St., Lafayette, 534-4135
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch

This Saint Streets hot spot brings a bit of the past to life serving up dishes created around Bootsie Landry's famous biscuits. You can get your Bootsie's biscuit anyway you like it, but the Coullion is where's it's at - a buttermilk biscuit filled with a fried chicken breast topped with a housemade pecan-praline glaze. If you miss out on breakfast, try a burger or salad from the lunch menu.

404 Brook St., Lafayette, 534-8112
Tuesday-Sunday: Lunch; Thursday-Sunday: Dinner; Saturday: Brunch

Nestled in the heart of one of Lafayette's most historic neighborhoods and a block off the UL campus, the Saint Street Inn is focused on keeping cooking local. Seafood from Gulf waters, produce from Acadiana's gardens and down-home cooking set the table for an inspired seasonal menu. Both the kitchen and the bar stay open late, and there's always a spot on the big front porch to sip a local brew and watch the sun go down.

920 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 233-7476
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

This cozy lunch bistro in the Oil Center offers paninis, wraps, fresh baked quiche specials, stuffed croissants and soups served in bread bowls. Or go light with the huge shrimp salad, chicken pesto pasta salad or the ham and chicken cordon bleu.

3901 Johnston St., Lafayette, 456-3274
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Social offers a uniquely modern gastropub setting centered around classic comfort foods, craft cocktails and Southern hospitality. The menu rotates seasonal offerings by chef Marc Krampe. From their Krab Nachos to the smoke fried chicken and over 60 craft beers to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something to satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst. The desserts change monthly, but pastry chef Amy Stilts is always creating sweet treats to satisfy. Look for special events at Social on their website and don't miss wine down Wednesdays where guests are treated to a complimentary wine tasting starting at 5:30 p.m.

STEVEN'S Fine Food restaurant
208 S. Pierce St., Lafayette, 261-1102
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner

Located in the blossoming gentrify of Pierce and Buchanan, Steven's is too small to eat in and too good to ignore. For less than $5 you can get three chicken fingers that are the size of adult hands. Pork chop sandwiches, the best fried shrimp, poboys and fried rice round out the menu. Your best bet is to call ahead once you get a menu - when we say it's small inside, it really is.

**1917 Ridge Road, Duson, 889-5390
Monday-Thursday: Dinner; Friday-Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

If you're looking for somewhere different to watch the game, stop in at Teak's and you get the game and so much more at this sports bar. The Teak's burger is two beef patties, cheese, grilled onion, andouille sausage, lettuce candied jalapeños and homemade mayo all sandwiched between a pretzel bun. All that flavor deserves something great to wash it down, so try something different like the Teakarita - it's a frozen margarita with a punch of Redbull. Teak's is for the 21 and over crowd, so don't leave your ID behind.

101 W. Main St., Broussard, 837-6684
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch

It's hard to get into the parking lot come lunchtime at Ton's. Burgers, poboys, seafood baskets, gumbo, all made to order out of the family run-kitchen. Plate lunch specials include the popular baked chicken and cabbage casserole. Don't miss the homemade biscuits at breakfast, stacked with eggs, meat and cheese.

2336 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, 706-7433
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Walk-On's was founded by two guys who drew up plans for a restaurant while en route to a game as walk-ons for LSU's basketball team. Ten years and several businesses later Walk-On's has made its home in Lafayette. There are nearly 50 flatscreen televisions throughout the restaurant making it ideal for sports fans. Choose from one of 48 beers on tap while you chow down on Cajundillas filled with andouille, boudin, jack cheese and jalapeños, or choose from a seemingly endless list of burgers, sandwiches and wraps.

927 Harding St., Lafayette, 232-7774
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

The Whole Wheatery offers a wide selection of health-conscious salads and sandwiches, including chicken salad and tuna salad dressed with sprouts and tomatoes on wheat bread, and a black bean vegetarian burger. They also feature a rotating selection of hot lunches such as baked chicken, bean enchiladas and gumbo. Look for hot plate lunches Monday through Friday and sandwiches on Saturdays.

305 E. Main St., Broussard, 330-2900
Daily: Lunch, Dinner and Late Night

You know you're in the right place to catch the game cause the big screen TV is surrounded by goal posts in this bar and grill. The burgers are hand-ground and seasoned at Earl's Meat Market, sandwiched between a sweet dough bun. Specials like pork roast lasagne, boiled crawfish, Ragin Cajun crawfish balls and Tiger Bait (fried alligator of course), are all on the menu, along with the NFL.

235 Doucet Road, 406-0013
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Zea is a meat lover's dream, thanks to its always-cookin' rotisserie and carved meats, prime rib and downright addictive Thai Ribs. Fowl fans flock to Zea Twice Cooked Crispy Duck entree, slowly roasted and crisped with Asian herbs and honey soy sauce. The Kobe beef burger is a standout, and don't overlook the sides; Zea's is famous for its roasted corn grits and crunchy sugarsnap peas. Whole fish filets come coated in nuts, pesto or étouffée and wash them down with some of Zea's microbrew.

190 Heritage Pkwy., Broussard, 856-0007
Monday: Lunch; Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Where else can you get a fried rabbit poboy? Ziggy's on the highway is a busy place, largely because of the plate lunches like a heavy duty hamburger steak. The bar is a sweet place to settle in if you're in between Lafayette and New Iberia with a little time to kill. Don't drive away without trying the decadent bread pudding or indulging in a famed margarita.

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5520-A Johnston St., Lafayette, 988-6464
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Brunch

Ema Haq's renovated Bailey's Seafood and Grill is adjacent to the casual Ema's Cafe and offers an array of South Louisiana and international fare. At lunch time, go for the maple leaf duck salad with a cup of roasted tomato basil with crab. For dinner, go for the tandoori rack of lamb, topped with a mango chutney demi-glace.

301 E. Vermilion St., Lafayette, 235-3551
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

The 1934 Don's Beer Parlor has grown into a full-blown institution in Downtown Lafayette with some true Cajun dishes like the half-and-half plates of shrimp or crawfish cooked into an étouffée and fried tails or the popular Crawfish Bisque - still served with stuffed crawfish heads. With oysters in season, Don's offers fresh and flavorful choice oysters from Grande Isle. If you're just passing through Downtown, stop in the revamped bar for an Old Fashioned with rock candy swizzle stick - a cocktail as iconic as Don's itself.

1508 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 237-2860
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Founded in 1978, the unassuming Guidry's Reef is now run by second and third generation Guidrys who ensure consistent and fresh goods. Focus on the fresh lump crab meat au gratin at Guidry's Reef or for purists, sauteed lump crab meat couldn't be simpler. Shrimp comes boiled or fried and there's soft-shell crab that's good on a platter and even better stuffed into a poboy. The seafood combination salad will lull your seafood cravings with its Louisiana crabmeat, crawfish and shrimp. The Homemade Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce is a sweet way to end your meal.

3809 Johnston St., Lafayette, 984-5630
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

La Fonda has sustained Lafayette's thirst for margaritas, Tex-Mex and partying since the doors opened in 1957. But beyond Mexican calling cards like carne asada, the house favorite steak is an off-the-menu filet mignon or ribeye topped with sauteed onions and cheese dubbed the Don Briggs Special. If you like the fried rabbit, order one of the best-kept secrets - La Fonda has some of the finest fried chicken in town. The avocado stuffed with either black bean, chicken or shrimp salad is a local favorite on the menu.

135 W. Landry St., Opelousas, 942-2142
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The Palace, located across from the St. Landry Parish Courthouse, has welcomed customers since 1927. Now under new ownership, it's open seven days a week. The menu still offers Cajun specialties like crawfish étouffée, bisque and crabmeat-stuffed eggplant in addition to steaks, fish and salads. A local favorite is the smothered calf's liver and onions.

3502 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 504-3002
Tuesday-Saturday: Dinner

The Phares family has been in the oyster business for more than 35 years. A perfect dinner at Phares is a dozen raw oysters, a dozen of its fire-roasted oysters sizzled with butter, garlic and Parmesan, then another dozen fried for dessert. Simple grilled fresh fish is a house speciality. End your meal with the homemade cheesecake topped with fresh Louisiana berries. On Tuesdays, $5 martinis and 2-for-1 house wines will wash it all down.

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Check Facebook for daily location, 288-7011
Hours vary

Buster's Frozen Custard is a freshly made rich and creamy premium ice cream. What is frozen custard? It started in the early 1900s at Coney Island, and traditionally contains 10 percent butterfat and egg yolk, creating richer flavors. Buster's Custard offers traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate with an array of toppings and also rotating fruit flavors. If you catch Buster's on a special day, ask for an old-fashioned root beer float. Look for the friendly face of Buster the dog on the side of the truck rolling to a curb near you.

439 Millcreek Road, Lafayette, 356-3867Check Facebook for daily location
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch Daily: Dinner; Special events

Chef Gregory's award-winning pulled pork makes a great sandwich or atop his Rock Star nachos. The chef serves his mesquite-cooked pulled pork over tortilla chips topped with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes and sour cream. Be on the look out for this truck for lunch and if you miss it, hop over to his restaurant location on Millcreek Road for dinner.

Check Facebook for daily locations, 967-1016
Friday and Saturday: Lunch, Special events

Fresh, hand cut french fries are the base of all the dishes on the Freetown Fries truck. Take the spud beyond a simple dip of ketchup. Try one of the specialty dipping sauces like the rosemary garlic mayo or nibble fresh flavors for spring on the pesto frites - fries, pesto mayo and a tomato basil herb salad with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

Check Facebook for daily location, 412-4909
Hours vary; Special events

LA StrEAT brings high style restaurant-quality meals that are totally mobile right to where you are to cut the hassle out of lunch away from the office. This truck's food is all about street life - the Notorious P.I.G is a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich with a pop of heat from jalepeno cheddar bread.

Check Facebook for daily location, 366-1271
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch; Special events

When you mix a mobile kitchen with Cajun flavors and whip up breakfast, you get a not-so-typical breakfast biscuit like Mad LuAnn's boudin biscuit with fig preserves and smoked bacon or a venison sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. At lunch, try the Cajun cochon sliders - smoked pork, pickled onions and coleslaw for a small bite packing lots of flavor.

Check Facebook for daily location, 280-5607
Daily: Lunch, Special events

You'll smell smoky flavors of BBQ like brisket, ribs and pulled pork from the pit of Mamma T's. The menu rotates a few daily specials, so be sure to check their Facebook page to know what goodness is in store for your barbeque lunch delights.

Check Facebook for location, 224-0525
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Special events

Pelon's brings flair to a hot dog that is way beyond mustard and relish - these dogs are turkey franks wrapped in hardwood-smoked bacon and served on a bun with custom toppings. The Ragin Cajun is a bacon wrapped dog topped with melted white queso, pico de gallo and Cajun mayo sauce. If you prefer your dog a bit more traditional, get the Gringo which is Pelon's take on a classic chili cheese dog.

2127 Dulles Drive, Lafayette, 944-9328
Check Facebook for daily truck location
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner (dinner at Dulles location only); Special events

Look for this bright orange truck that cooks Asian, stop and treat yourself to some authentic flavors like the Korean bulgogi tacos or the kimchi fries. This food truck even serves sushi handmade on the truck. If you miss the truck for lunch, head over to the free-standing dinner location on Dulles Drive.

Check Facebook for daily location, 393-0177
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch; Special events

The original food truck of Lafayette, Collin Cormier's Viva la Waffle serves up craft sandwiches and daily specials on truck-made waffles. The Rosceaux is a signature dish of fried chicken and a drizzle of honey sauce. A seasonal special you can get on Saturdays is the crawfish grilled cheese waffle - Louisiana crawfish tails sautéed in butter with onions, garlic bell pepper and crawfish boil seasoning stuffed into a melty cheddar waffle with a side of dipping sauce.

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530 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 269-1550
Monday-Friday: Lunch

With plate lunches in a posh atmosphere, Abacus might be one of Lafayette's best kept secrets. The deco building has gleaming hardwood floors, sleek lines and a nice dark bar. A buffet menu rotates through the week, stuffed turkey wings and barbecue brisket are faves, but there's a bigger universe at Abacus. Daily braised fish, multiple salads and usually a superb gumbo are on the buffet line. The chef's award-winning creole bread pudding is also served daily.

600 Lamar St., Lafayette, 237-4509
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

Freetown folks know of this stellar lunch place. It's located on the corner of Stewart and Lamar, and regulars will put the Superette's burgers up as the best in town. Plate lunches are served daily with a traditional seafood dish on Fridays. It also acts as a neighborhood bodega where you can nab a few groceries with your breakfast or dinner.

555 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 234-8877
Monday-Friday: Lunch; Dinner: Downtown Alive! Fridays

Louisiana home cooking is so good we hold restaurants up to a high standard, and nothing is judged more critically than rice and gravy. Antler's has been in Johnny Walter's family since 1940, and the devotion to the deep brown stuff is evident in the plate lunches on the menu. There are Antler's smothered chicken die-hards, pork chop acolytes and rabbit fricassee to wow gravy pilgrims. Another local fave is Antler's soft-shell crab poboys; don't forget to ask for sweet potato fries on the side.

302 Carmel Drive, Lafayette, 235-4052
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch

Burger Best is a tiny hole-in-the-wall so small there's only room for the two cooks. You can eat lunch in your car or better yet, take the sumptuous plate lunches off to the park for a picnic. Go for a fried egg and cheese breakfast sandwich early, the like-you'd-make-it-at-home $1.50 burger, or a daily selection of hefty lunches. If cabbage rolls or smothered steak are on the menu, they're a winner.

716 Souvenir Gate, Lafayette, 235-6733
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Tucked away in the heart of Lafayette's Saint Street neighborhood is a little market and deli that turns out poboys, boudin and classic meat-and-three-side plate lunches. Fried chicken on Wednesdays, pork roast on Thursdays, shrimp stew Fridays. You know the drill. All the veggies are 50 cents per scoop, so build a veg meal out of the sides if you're not hungry for the full plate lunch. Also, you can build your own slush puppies on Champagne's own slush puppy machine.

709 N. University Ave., Lafayette, 269-1653
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch

They call it authentic Creole cuisine, and that's exactly what it is. Owner Chris Williams inherited the landmark restaurant from his late father Roy, who picked up many of his savory soul food dishes when he worked in the kitchen by his grandmother's side on the family farm in Duson. Try the crawfish or shrimp étouffée, pork roast with mac and cheese, smothered round steak with hearty rice dressing or drop in for Williams' popular Sunday barbecue. But be forewarned, this is slow food at its best. You will wait. It's worth it.

713 Twelfth St., Lafayette, 232-9929
Monday-Friday: Lunch

Merline Herbert has built an industry on her famous meat-stuffed breads. Her neighborhood restaurant operates out of a modest-sized house and is a quintessential stop for anyone in search of Lafayette's best plate lunches and a conversation in Creole French. The killer chicken fricassée is criminally good, as are the silky butter beans and stuffed baked chicken. Regulars rave about the stuffed bread, which is not to be missed.

5520 Johnston St., Lafayette, 981-4849
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch

If you're looking for comfort food -- in the form of Southern and Louisiana cuisine - look no further than Ema's. Menu items range from local favorites like liver and grilled onions and fried chicken with garlic mashed potatoes crawfish cakes served over angel hair. The Sunday Brunch offers carving and omelete, soup, salad, buffet and dessert stations. The atmosphere's casual, the food's down home and the staff's hospitable.

104 Lamar St., Lafayette, 235-2921
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch

Formerly a neighborhood grocery, Gary's has been around for 60 years, and this corner plate lunch joint in Freetown is known for its breakfast burger - a fried egg and bacon served atop a fully dressed traditional hamburger. On Tuesdays, Gary's makes the best chicken stew in town, or try its Friday crawfish étouffée. Look for its sign proclaiming its "World Famous Breakfasts" then sit on one of the benches outside and watch the trains roll by. If you're missing Gary's while away, hamburger pattis are sold so you can enjoy them anywhere.

1412 S. College Road, Lafayette, 235-5683
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

This family-style diner is awash in '50s decor and offers affordable home-style cooking. Breakfasts are hefty like the sweet potato pancakes with Steen's syrup or the Cajun smoked sausauge omelet packed with sauteed onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and (of course) Louisiana Smoked Sausage. Lunches and dinners feature blue plate specials like Hub City's three-way hamburger steak, a 9-ounce steak served up the way you want it, with either cheese, gravy or onions.

3701 Cameron St., Lafayette, 837-0445
3431 Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 261-0581
Monday-Friday: Lunch

While Denise Landry is duly famous for her hamburger steak and chicken-fried steak plate lunches, her real claim to fame is her cornbread dressing. And that's only one of eight side dishes, including corn macque choux and mac and cheese. Her lunch place gets so busy at noon time, regulars know to show up at 11 a.m., or wait till after 1 p.m. The plate lunches are different every week so stop by a lot for the variety of offerings, and be hungry when you do - the portions are generous, to say the least.

1904 W. University Ave., Lafayette, 593-8006
Daily: Lunch

No one's ever left Laura's II hungry. This soul food landmark is known for its home-style cooking, bargain prices and heaping portions. You can eat right around the week: Tuesday it's smothered chicken, Wednesday look for hamburger steaks, Thursday go for barbecued fall-off-the-bone ribs, Friday, fried catfish and shrimp, and Saturday, don't miss the fried pork chops. Try everyone's favorite side, the black-eyed peas. They taste as though your mom made them.

3909 Moss St., Lafayette, 233-8298
Daily: Lunch; Thursday-Friday: Dinner

Don't let the plate lunch, poboy and gumbo daily menu (not to mention the name) lull you into thinking the Lunch Box is only for noon time. Thursday night is steak night, Friday evenings offer an ocean of seafood and Sundays everything from pork roast to chickens is pulled off the barbecue grill. Find every day's offerings on their website, where the menu is organized by day. Locals rave about the po'boys like the shrimp, cat fish and sausage, which come fried but can be grilled upon request.

2011 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 205-9570
Monday-Friday: Lunch; Friday-Saturday: Dinner

Nimbeaux's lays claim to "the best fried catfish in town." Its laid-back, casual atmosphere is perfect for dining on the restaurant's specialty seafood menu items, especially crawfish dishes, steaks and daily lunch specials like Friday's catfish with a side of shrimp stew. Dig in to the white beans and rice, which are now available daily after many requests.

2310 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 406-2440
Monday-Saturday: Lunch

Tucked away in a strip mall near Dulles Drive, Noah's serves a set plate lunch menu. Try the Tuesday trifecta of smothered chicken, smothered steak and lasagna if you miss out on Monday's grilled pork steak or meatball stew. Seafood Fridays, go for the smothered okra and shrimp. Although the plate lunches are delicious, if it's a burger you're craving Noah's offers a juicy selection with a choice of french fries or onion rings as a side.

107 E. Main St., Lafayette, 289-5270
Monday-Saturday: Lunch; Friday: Dinner during Downtown Alive! weeks

Pat's Downtown offers a wide variety, whether it's a shrimp poboy, a loaded baked mega-potato, a salad, a fried catfish plate lunch, a pork chop sandwich or even wraps. Try Pat's Special, a pair of fried catfish filets topped with crawfish etouffée and a slice of bread pudding for dessert. The peach cobbler is not to be missed, nor is the shrimp stew. Every week there are different lunch specials; there are also daily specials.

1900 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 233-0422
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch; Sunday: Breakfast only

T-Coon's boasts some of the biggest and heartiest plate lunches in town. Fried chicken, fried catfish, smothered rabbit, stuffed pork chops, brisket and red beans are entrée heaven, complemented by equally satisfying sides ranging from cornbread dressing to macque choux. Stop by for breakfast beignets -- if you go on a Friday, stay for the local favorite, Catfish Courtbouillon.

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100 W. Mills Ave., Breaux Bridge, 332-6158
Wednesday-Sunday: Breakfast and Catering

When you spend the night in one of the cabins overlooking Bayou Teche, owner Rocky Sonnier treats you to Bayou Boudin's sampler plate: hot-from-the-fryer cracklins, freshly made boudin and a slice of hogs head cheese, which tastes even better when washed down with his homemade root beer. Other breakfast items include ham, eggs, sausage and blueberries.

101 E. Main St., New Iberia, 369-5929
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Bojangles' cobalt blue sushi bar and diverse menu feature lots of innovative sushi rolls, sashimi specials like a salmon rose and raw oysters on the half shell. If the raw bar's not your style, there are fried or garlic-and-cheese grilled oysters, steaks and teriyaki dinners. Start your meal with the Bojangle Shrimp, fried shrimp served with spicy mayo sauce, and end it with the Tempura Ice Cream, vanilla ice cream wrapped in pound cake, fried and topped with chocolate syrup.

1409 E. St. Peter St., New Iberia, 367-6181
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Lunch

Bon Creole doesn't know the meaning of restraint; its seafood poboys are so over-stuffed you'll have trouble getting your mouth around them. Sandwiches made with shrimp, oysters, soft-shell crab and crawfish are joined by a homemade hamburger poboy. Bon Creole boils seafood at night, and the excellent seafood gumbo is New Orleans style, thick and redolent with shrimp and crabmeat. Sundays, the barbecue pit flames chicken, sausage, pork chops and ribs. This place is the creator of the Crawfish Spinach Boat that haunts hands and stomachs at festivals year round, yet isn't on the regular menu.

411 W. Pershing St., New Iberia, 367-0868
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch

This tiny family-run breakfast and plate lunch restaurant has earned its share of big accolades, with coverage in The New York Times and Gourmet magazine. Owner Brenda Placide makes great standards like fried chicken, barbecue ribs and red beans and rice, but her smothered cabbage with sausage is the house specialty. She offers a different menu daily; On Fridays, every kind of seafood washes up on her combo plate.

5505 Rip Van Winkle Road, New Iberia, 359-8525
Daily: Lunch

A small dining room on a glassed-in porch overlooks the lake. The Rip Van Winkle Gardens surround you as you dine. The Italian Muffuletta with ham, salami, provolone, swiss cheese and olive salad is a local favorite; it can be ordered in a quarter, half or full size -- be warned the full size covers an entire plate . The seafood bisque, however, is a mainstay and perennial favorite of Café Jefferson. For dessert, a fat wedge of Key Lime pie and a cup of coffee or a cocktail will complete your perfect afternoon.

113 E. Main St., New Iberia, 560-1007
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

A beautiful antique bar featuring local art and live entertainment welcomes you into New Iberia's finest restaurant. Start with the oyster trio; two charbroiled, two Rockerfeller and two Beinville-styled oysters. For the main course, the orange bourbon tuna with eight ounces of pepper-crusted sashimi grade tuna steak finished with a fresh orange and Jim Beam reduction is a stand out. Clementine is justifiably famous for its bread pudding, so don't skip dessert. For something lighter, park yourself at the bar and munch on snacks like Cajun wontons, filled with crawfish, boudin and a fig dipping sauce.

104 S. State St., Abbeville, 898-9218
Monday-Friday: Breakfast and Lunch; Saturday: Breakfast

Comeaux's Café is the place for breakfast in Abbeville. Don't miss the New Orleans-style beignets or pain perdu (French toast), dusted with powdered sugar. Be sure to douse it with Abbeville's Steen's syrup, a local, molasses-flavored favorite. The grilled biscuit with ham is another winner, or segue into lunch. Cajun classics like crawfish étouffée sit side by side with the restaurant's renowned hamburger steak.

108 S. Main St., Abbeville, 893-2336
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Since 1896, oysters on the half shell have been Dupuy's calling card in winter but the crab cakes at Dupuy's are equally stellar. Seafood turns up fried, grilled, pan-sauteed, in gumbo, over pasta, in eggplant stuffing and on poboys. Dupuy's also offer daily lunch and dinner specials. When you're headed out to Vermilion Parish, stop in at Dupuy's for friendly service and a heaping of seafood.

2307 N. Parkerson Ave., Crowley, 785-0339
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

If you are very hungry and want to get down to it try El Dorado's buffet with options ranging from the healthy to decadent. You can order off the menu anytime if buffets aren't your bag. Try the chimichanga with grilled chicken or the fajitas. Check out the powdery soft sopapillas drizzled with honey, hot and made fresh constantly.

2111 N. Cherokee Drive, Crowley, 783-5515
720 S. Frontage Road, Scott, 261-2464
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Sunday: Lunch

Raw oysters, charbroiled oysters, boiled shrimp and crawfish fill this menu. Other menu items include gumbo, fried and grilled fish, poboys, steaks and salads. Then there's the house favorites, Phil's Seafood Festival - seafood gumbo, oysters, shrimp, fish, frog legs, a crab cake, stuffed shrimp and seafood etouffée over rice - or Pat's Ribeye Supreme - a 10-oz. ribeye steak flame-grilled and smothered in seafood étouffée. For the sweet tooth, try the bread pudding to make your meal complete.

228 N. Ave. G, Crowley, 783-0917
Sunday-Thursday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Not much has changed since Frosto opened in 1956, and that's a good thing. The drive-in restaurant in historic downtown Crowley, still owned by the same family, serves up everything from scratch, like its homemade hamburgers, hot dogs, daily plate lunches, fried shrimp and catfish, onion rings and ice cream. It still serves those old-fashioned dip cones, which are a blast from a childhood past.

833 E. Main St., New Iberia, 367-7466
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Little River Inn is the place to go for Maine lobster -- boiled, broiled, stuffed or surf and turf with your favorite steak. The Shrimp and Catfish Pirogue floats seafood in an eggplant bateau, topped with a creamy pesto sauce. If seafood isn't your dish, try the St. Louis-style barbecued ribs, followed by the perennial favorite, bread pudding.

719 S. Main St., Breaux Bridge, 332-3232
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Owners Lisa Foster and Nick Breaux serve up daily plate lunches during the week, or stop by for dinner to choose among pizzas named after Breaux Bridge streets, pastas, poboys, salads and appetizers. Try the BBQ Roast Beef Poboy that comes layered with tender beef and all the fixings, or the South of I-10 pizza with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, hamburger, onions, jalapeños, green peppers, mushrooms, smoked sausage, bacon, shrimp, tomatoes and cheese for a cornucopia of flavors bursting in your mouth. For something a little lighter, dine in or take out from the all you can eat salad bar offered Mondays-Fridays.

1023 Neblett St., Arnaudville, 754-5064
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Myran's porch overlooks Bayou Teche, and it's the right place to settle in for boiled crawfish. There are eggs for breakfast and a stunningly good shrimp poboy at lunch, but it's boiled crawfish and shrimp that draw folks in the door, and Myran's is one of the few places that offer boiled seafood at lunch time. Wash it all down with a Bayou Teche beer.

204 Park Ave., Abbeville, 893-9957
Daily: Breakfast and Lunch; Friday and Saturday: Dinner

Tucked away on a side street off Hwy 167, the Park starts off your day with the Cajun omelette, stuffed with tasso, andouille, onions, bell pepper and a little bit of cheese. The pancakes, sweetened with Abbeville-made Steen's syrup, are so big most patrons can eat only one. Plate lunches are served Monday through Friday, like steak and gravy or pork roast, or try one of the best burgers in town.

3015 Main Hwy., Breaux Bridge, 332-2108
Daily: Lunch and Dinner

Traditional Cajun and Creole plate lunches get top billing at this Breaux Bridge favorite. Pork backbone stew and crawfish étouffée have their share of devotees, and Poche's also offers Cajun favorites such as boudin and cracklins. Visit Poche's on Sundays to feast on old-fashioned Sunday barbecue and dirty rice, a Poche's tradition for more than 30 years. And don't walk out the door without one of its stand-out pralines for a rolling dessert. Visit the market to take home favorites like crawfish boudin, fresh pork sausage or chicken stuffed with shrimp.

503 W. Port St., Abbeville, 893-3070
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner; Sunday: Lunch

Having a cocktail on the deck overlooking the Vermilion River is a perfect way to start a meal at the Riverfront, which is known for its Eggplant Evangeline, fried eggplant medallions topped with crabmeat béchamel sauce. Fried seafood platters are also popular, as are the Riverfront's black Angus beef steaks. Check out their website for daily specials like Seafood Marinara, 10 ounce Ribeye and Shrimp Embrochette.

701 W. Port St., Abbeville, 898-3311
Monday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Everyone knows that Shucks! is renowned for some of the best raw oysters in southwest Louisiana (get em pan-broiled, fried or stuffed if you like), but owners David Bertrand and Bert Istre have also tweaked and expanded the menu a bit. There are crab cakes, fried alligator, shrimp remoulade, duck and andouille gumbo and an oyster stew recipe that's winning raves. Don't forget to grab a Shucks Bloody Mary, which is famous in its own right!

8218 Maurice Ave, (Hwy. 167) Maurice, 893-2462
Monday: Lunch; Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Soop's menu doesn't stray too far from its name, keeping it simple with hamburger steaks and ribeyes. On the seafood front, the Chef's Special overflows with seafood gumbo, shrimp étouffée, shrimp-stuffed bell pepper, crabmeat au gratin, fried shrimp and french fries.

109 W. Main St., New Iberia, 369-9924
Daily: Breakfast; Sunday-Friday: Lunch

Don't let the cafeteria-style service fool you. Breakfast dishes like omelettes and pancakes are made to order, and at lunch some of the best gumbo in town is spooned over rice. Or go for the crisp fried seafood, baked chicken and eggplant stuffing. Don't miss out on the homemade desserts like banana creme or lemon meringue pie. Expect home cooking done well.

8400 Maurice Ave., (Hwy. 167) Maurice, 898-1554
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Lunch

Even in the land of great shrimp poboys, Villager's stands out as one of the best. But bring a buddy, cause you have to order the slow cooked gravy laced pot roast poboy as well, and the barbecue poboy, and the chicken fried steak poboy, and - you get it. Nightly specials feature a whole poboy for $5.25 and Monday is meatball poboy night, Tuesday is turkey, Wednesday is catfish and Thursday is ham.

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1801 W. Pinhook Road, in Hotel Acadiana, Lafayette, 233-8120
Daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Settle into the intimate dining room at Bayou Bistro. Sample the crisp eggplant fries for a starter or a cup of gumbo, followed by the shrimp and tasso pasta. For dessert, choose from the chocolate molten cake, pecan pie, cheesecake and strawberry shortcake.

1304 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 237-0100
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

One of Lafayette's oldest buildings, a 19th-century inn, houses one of Lafayette's finest restaurants. Chef Pat Waters changes the menu seasonally to offer the freshest options. Try the grilled Mediterranean Seabass with butternut squash flan, oil-poached tomatoes and roasted garlic butter sauce, or a tasty prime beef dish. Every Wednesday evening in the spring and fall, enjoy the Courtyard Series where specialty small plates, appetizers and cocktails are offered with the sounds of local musicians. The tiny bar is intimate and superb and leads out to a wonderful back patio to sit and dine or simply have an old-fashioned.

3809 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette, 981-0108
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Charley G's menu evolves with the seasons and guarantees the freshest product made to order and cooked to perfection. The signature dishes that have been on the menu since opening in 1985 are the crab cakes and smoked duck and Andouille gumbo. In addition to upscale Southern cuisine, the kitchen serves premium steaks grilled over Southern hardwood. Try the famous white chocolate bread pudding, which melts in your mouth. Make sure to ask about the wine dinners that are hosted monthly - reservations are required and seating is limited. A compliment to the food and service are the local musicians you can hear every Thursday- Saturday evening.

214 E. Vermilion St., Lafayette, 233-9449
Monday-Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch; Friday and Saturday: Dinner

You might come to The French Press for breakfast and brunch, but you'll return for a weekend white linen dinner. The daytime menu is filled with whimsical dishes, including the Sweet Baby Breesus - a boudin ball and buttermilk biscuit bite-sized sandwich, or the French toast, filled with banana, cream cheese and topped with berry-champagne compote - and ice cream, if you dare. Be prepared for a wait on weekend mornings, but a mimosa in hand makes that a little easier. Weekend nights, the white tablecloths come out when chef, owner and three-time James Beard Award nominee Justin Girouard pulls out all the stops with some of the most innovative cooking in town.

4017 Johnston St., Lafayette, 989-9291
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

iMonelli's fried soft shell crabs are a local fave, buy you might also seek out the poached halibut in a garlic and herb butter sauce topped with lump crabmeat. This restaurant is also the spot for Italian classics such as osso bucco, or hearty dishes like beef tenderloin that can be served stuffed with Italian cheese and seafood and finished in a veal reduction cognac cream sauce. Friday nights, enjoy blues entertainment in the back room; it's a great place for an intimate supper.

507 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 504-2382
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday and Sunday: Brunch

This bistro's big on locally sourced goods, from honey to fish to chicken to eggs, you will always know who's your farmer with the double-faced menu - one side with dishes and the flip side lists local purveyors. The Zapp's Crawtator-crusted drum is a sure bet, but if you're feeling a little adventurous, go for the roasted bone marrow that comes out still in the bone. The cioppino stew is a seafood lover's delight with a heaping bowl of shrimp, fish, scallops, mussels and a warm baguette for dipping.

5818 Johnston St., Lafayette, 769-4440
Monday-Saturday: Dinner

Continental cuisine meets Mediterranean specialties. Delicate French crepes filled with creamy lump crabmeat, herb-crusted seared tuna and fried asparagus, and Lebanese kibbe all are offered as starters. Fresh fish is cooked any way you like - sautéed, grilled or toasted, and then offered with a variety of sauces. Mazen's steaks follow the same principle; sauce choices are a wine reduction or hollandaise along with a generous topping of lump crabmeat. Don't skip the hot dessert soufflés, pistachio, chocolate or Grand Marnier, made to order, (don't forget to ask for them when you order your entree).

832 Martin Luther King Road, Charenton, 923-7408
Wednesday-Saturday: Dinner

It's a testament to the intimate environment, excellent service, lavish portions, fresh-baked artisan breads and an extensive wine list, as well as the prime beef, that has folks traveling an hour to Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel in Charenton to eat at Mr. Lester's. Aged prime rib Fridays and Saturdays, filets and porterhouse steaks are grilled to your liking. Share a side of praline sweet potatoes and creamed spinach gratin as the portions are generous. After dinner, enjoy a glass of wine in the cigar bar and piano tunes.

101 E. Second St., Broussard, 839-9333
Monday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Nash's is a step back in time: The restaurant is located in a 19th-century mansion in Broussard, and the dishes are flashbacks of old-style Italian cooking. The veal and spinach cannelloni is a local fave as is the signature Veal Orleans, baby veal topped by jumbo lump crabmeat in a cream sauce. Don't miss the unctuous shrimp and spinach lasagne. Nash's stands by its steaks; a house recommendation is the Pepper Steak, a New York strip, grilled and served with a demi glace.

631 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 232-0070
Tuesday-Friday: Lunch and Dinner; Saturday: Dinner

Hemingway, bullfights and flamenco dancing - entering Pamplona is like crossing a magic portal transporting you to Spain. The food is served tapas style, on small plates that give a diner the opportunity to taste many dishes. Get the beef carpaccio salad or a plate of the award-winning paella - but whatever you do, you must get the duck fat fries. As for tapas, go for the morcilla-quail egg - black boudin and a fried quail egg that is bite-sized perfection you may not want to share. A terrific range of Spanish wines dominates the list, and innovative cocktails, including an extensive Absinthe collection, are house specialities. Of course, don't forget the crowd favorite: sangria. Have a seat at the bar and befriend some of the nicest bartenders in town.

921 Camellia Blvd., Lafayette, 706-7333
Daily: Dinner

This restaurant has roots extending across the Basin from Baton Rouge and for good reason - Ruffino's on the River delivers the same caliber cuisine right here in Lafayette. Perched on the Vermilion River, diners can start their evening at the bar overlooking the water while enjoying a cocktail and try the crabmeat cheesecake as a starter. It's baked jumbo lump crabmeat with Italian cheeses and topped with a Creole meuniere sauce. For dinner, get the cedar plank redfish - redfish baked on a cedar plank and topped with fresh pesto, sliced tomatoes and a balsamic syrup. Save room for the fluffy, pink cotton candy that is complimentary at the end of every meal.

620 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, 237-6123
Daily: Dinner; Friday: Lunch

The bar is best for deep conversations and icy martinis, but if you're looking for a different kind of martini, try the Crabtini served in a martini glass, or the seared ahi tuna. The steaks are smooth like butter and served sizzling hot straight from the broiler and begging for a big glass of California cab from Ruth's Chris' superb wine list. Sides include creamy potatoes au gratin, asparagus with hollandaise, and creamed spinach. Desserts are just as classic, like the creme brulée or white chocolate bread pudding. Ask about the seasonal specials that reflect what's freshest in Louisiana. Stop by for happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday with select cocktails and appetizers priced to make you happy.

525 N. Main St., Washington, 826-7227
Tuesday-Saturday: Dinner; Sunday: Lunch

The town of Washington, settled in 1720, is a quick and pleasant drive from the Hub City. The restaurant has been around since 1977 after being restored from the riverboat warehouse it once was and overlooks Bayou Courtableau. Chef and owner Jason Huguet has a traditional menu with lots of flair and flavor. The setting is gorgeous with the restaurant opening up to a large patio that spills toward the river. There are cottages to rent nearby, making it ideal for receptions.

1 DeGaulle Square, Lafayette, 981-8085
Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch and Dinner, Sunday: Brunch

Lunch appeals to all types of people, from those looking for a quick bite before going back to work, to those looking to chat over a glass of wine. Enjoy options from an eclectic menu such as portabella mushroom fries or the crab cake sandwich. On the dinner menu, look for appetizers like pan-seared foie gras or the crowd favorite barbecue shrimp. Entrées change seasonally, so look for fresh local fish dishes, and beautiful steaks like an 8 oz. filet or a New York Strip. The walls are lined with bottles of wine, an indicator of Village Café's premier selection.

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