Generations of Style

by Amanda Bedgood

When fashion sense runs in the family

Style may not be in a woman's DNA, but when you take a look at Michelle Blanchard's mother and daughter you may just think it's something that runs in the family.

The SOHO salon owner has a head full of fearless curls she embraces and a style that follows her mane's unpredictable nature. Her style isn't one that's easily defined and changes day by day.

"It all depends on what my hair is doing that day as to what my clothing choice is," Blanchard says.

On the day she and her mother, Madeline, and daughter, Ellie, posed for The IND, they each proved style is what you make it whatever your age - from Madeline in a modern structured dress to Michelle in a vibrant tie-dye number from Maven and Ellie in a crisp navy dress. Each married personality with style - something Madeline taught Michelle.

"As far as my mother's influence on my sense of style, I feel that she has taught me to be myself, and to be an independent thinker - if you feel good in it, wear it!'" Michelle says.

Ellie at just 8 years old already has a sense of style that mirrors her true self, Michelle says.

"Ellie has a beautiful outlook on life. Her style matches her very colorful personality. Anything goes," Michelle says.