Indulge your sweet tooth

by Kari Walker

Decadent dessert delights can be found at a unique Parc Lafayette café

I found myself at the doorstep of Indulge staring face-to-face with a happy looking picture of a slice of cake while window shopping in Parc Lafayette. It was a simple looking white cake but its pink filling and whimsical sprinkles lured me in to, well, indulge myself.

There it was in the case - the raspberry birthday cake. While it was not my birthday, I ordered it anyway with the idea that somewhere it was someone's birthday and I would celebrate for them. The result was sheer heaven: a light and moist white layer cake with flavors of raspberry mousse in the middle and an unexpected taste of cream cheese frosting on top.

Photos by Kari Walker

Raspberry birthday cake and Indulge's signature cake shake

I let my eyes wander to the rest of the case and spotted a playful looking confection in the shape of a cupcake, yet it resembled a chocolate chip cookie with a hidden surprise in the middle - an Oreo. Indulge calls it the Hide and Seek cookie, but I call memories of childhood snacking decisions and this ingenuity satisfies every "cookie monster's" craving.

Hide and Seek cookie - chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo baked inside

But there was one signature menu item I spotted on most every table at this dessert restaurant and that would be the infamous cake shake. Indulge considers the cake shake a complete dessert in a jar and I'd have to agree - why get your dessert a la mode when it can be blended up and served to go. And, it comes with a generous dollop of whipped cream, of course.

There are a bevy or flavors to choose from for your cake shake, like red velvet or strawberry shortcake, but as a chocoholic I opted for the chocolate cake shake. It was tasty, but lacked that rich chocolate punch I was hoping for - next time I'll try the red velvet as it's my second weakness.

Indulge's cake shakes come served in a mason jar and

with a generous topping of whipped cream.

I'd consider Indulge the sweetest spot in town to share a slice of cake - or don't share because that's your prerogative - and a cup of coffee while visiting with friends, entertaining kiddos for the summer or maybe even an post-movie date stop.

1921 Kaliste Saloom Road, Suite 111, Lafayette

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