Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Cocktails can help make a party great, mes amies. Wine, cosmopolitans, martinis, mint juleps ' all wonderful ingredients. If any of you are interested in taking a road trip to New Orleans, there's an exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art about my favorite little drink. "The Convivial Art of the Cocktail" will be up through Feb. 13 displaying some gorgeous shakers, goblets, tumblers, pitchers and other cocktail accessories. Who doesn't need an excuse for a weekend in the Big Easy?

We're no stranger to cocktails or cocktail parties in Lafayette. Our Lady of Fatima incorporated a cocktail party into its Elementary School reunion weekend recently. The class of 1982 was invited to Jefferson Street Pub downtown for a Friday Night Social, before heading to the reunion Saturday at Fatima's Chance Hall. Food, entertainment and cocktails combined made for a fun weekend of catching up.

And of course cocktails go hand in hand with the Mardi Gras season and elaborate costumes and decadence at the Krewe of Apollo ball each year. Viva L'Apollo! is the only way to describe this season's event. The Las Vegas strip was an appropriate place for Apollo krewe members to search for Mardi Gras revelry. Those bad boys ' this could be their best ball yet! Among the crowd that filled the Cajundome were Louis and Lisa Pizzolato, Sharon Moss and Curtis Roy, Jonathan and Michelle May, Lamar Leger, Edward Fremin and Joey Billeaud. Lamar was quite a spectacle with her glow-in-the-dark glasses, and Jonathan was getting a little R&R, as he's been away on business in Baghdad for several months. Apollo is certainly the place to let go.

At Kimberly's Interiors & Fine Wines, the cocktail of choice is wine of course, and the shop in downtown New Iberia recently held a special wine party. Pairing up with Select Wines Inc. and Rosemary Parisi and Michael Walker, Kimberly's brought in special guest Scott Howett of Tolosa Winery in San Luis, Calif. Raffaele Furs and Dolci Modi also pitched in with women modeling their furs while the sipping went on. The luscious furs in pink, brown, white and black were almost as diverse as the wine selection. Cheers!

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