Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Party Girl got a taste of Carnival in Rio right here in Lafayette with the Krewe of Rio. I got to take my picture on a Harley with still-hunky Erik Estrada at his Parade Marshal Party the night before the big parade. The next day, Rio King Warren Shepherd and his Queen Clara Mosing each gave me their souvenir medallion beads, which are definite keepers! I donned a sequined Rio costume and joined Riley Knight and my fellow media comrades Lori Meaux-Steele and her husband Mike for a three-hour ride aboard the Carmen Miranda Float in the Rio Parada. My arm is still aching from the bead-throwing, but what a ride!

There's plenty of romance during Mardi Gras, and romance was also in the air at Joey's on Valentine's Day. Roses, feather boas and bubbly set the mood for a romantic evening of being wined and dined. What more could a girl ask for on Valentine's Day? Joey's Executive Chef Gary Schenk prepared a five-course menu featuring beef tenderloin and sea bass that he paired with Champagne and sparkling wines from around the world. Party Girl witnessed lots of smiling faces engulfed by red feather boas that evening. Lucky ladies in attendance were Mrs. Jeanne Louise Schenk, Theresa Jones, Carolyn Camardelle, Kathy Jack and Bonnie Hebert. With the evening being a huge success, I hear this is a first in a series of monthly wine dinners to be held at Joey's. For all the men out there, if you want to impress your lady ' here's a start!

Speaking of making an impression, Krewe of Xanadu rolled out the red carpet Friday, Feb. 16, and the Cajundome Convention center looked like Hollywood Boulevard on the night of the Oscars. The pageant and ball started promptly and most importantly it started like all parties should start ' with a bang. The crowd went crazy with the Krewe of Xanadu entertainers dancing to "All that Jazz" from Chicago as Naomi Maraist, captain of the Ball, entered in an all-gold suit as "Oscar." The Krewe of Xanadu 2007 muses each strutted their stuff down the catwalk to their sitting post on stage ' they're all Academy Award winners in my book. Congratulations to King Xanadu XVII, Alexander Caldwell, Queen Xanadu XVII, Dianne Carlisle and their Royalty Court. See you next Mardi Gras!

Party On! ' PG