Straws and Claws: a match made in Louisiana heaven

by Kari Walker

Boiled seafood and snowballs in a one-stop shop

It seems as though I cannot go a day or two without hearing someone make a reference to two common staples in late spring and early summer food groups of South Lousiana - of course I'm talking about crawfish and snowballs. It makes sense if you think about it: what better way to cool of the post-boil-burn of the mouth than with a slushy snowball?

Thank goodness I stumbled upon Straws and Claws.

This drive-thru spot has a location in Youngsville on La Neuville Road and a second off Robley Drive and both cater to folks looking for simple snack foods like hot dogs, nachos, boudin, ice cream, boiled crawfish and shrimp and of course, snowballs.

Customers rave the spice of the seafood is just right and so are the prices - ask about the "Freaky Friday" special where a five pound order of crawfish gets you a free snowball. IND Eats is loving this fun rainbow snowball that's perfect for the indecisive snowball flavor selector.

While you won't find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow snowball, you will have a happy belly and a happier soul once satisfied by Straws and Claws.

Straws and Claws
123 La Neuville, Youngsville

705 Robley Drive, Lafayette

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