Dish of the Day: Saint Street Inn's Curried chicken salad pita

by Kari Walker

Spices of India stuffed in a lunchtime pocket

Many people, including  myself love a basic chicken salad made from a little mayo, chopped chicken and maybe diced boiled egg or pickle relish as a lunchtime go-to. But if you're bored with basic, then today's lunch for you is this dish from The Saint Street Inn.

The curried chicken salad pita is part of the fresh and seasonal lunch menu at the quaint spot off West Saint Mary Boulevard and Brook Avenue and it immediately caught IND Eats' eye while enjoying the beautiful late spring temps we've been experiencing. When it comes to outdoor dining, there's nothing better than a light and fresh meal to compliment the radiant sunshine.

Photo by Kari Walker

The Saint Street Inn starts this dish with a grilled chicken breast seasoned with curry, then chopped and mixed with a creamy mayo, pecans and stuffed into a pita pocked with crisp bibb lettuce. The Inn lets you pick your side of either fries or a garden salad - keep it light and get the salad since this place is known for sticking to what can be sourced locally and it's definitely the right time of year for farm-fresh veggies in your salad.

Beyond the pita, Saint Street Inn's lunch menu is filled with a variety of other unique sandwiches, burgers and salads. Don't forget to save room for dessert - while IND Eats did not, a fresh slice of lemon meringue pie was spotted as we were thanking our server.

The Saint Street Inn
407 Brook Ave, Lafayette

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