Party Girl

Party Girl

by Jill Norman LeBlanc

Reminiscing about my high school parties always brings out the giddy schoolgirl in me. Traditionally, themed parties were the most fun for Party Girl and recently Curtis and Gwen Hollinger threw a fabulous party for their 7-year-old daughter. Noa Hollinger, aka Birthday Girl, invited 14 of her closest friends to celebrate her birthday in style. I imagine Noa's dream came true that day with a Disney High School Musical-themed party ' what more can a girl ask for? I had an all access pass to fun, but Party Girl took a backseat to these "party girls who had so much fun, it made me want to be young and free again. Wait, what am I saying? I am still free and young ' woo-hoo! Noa and her posse of debutantes-to-be spent the first hour creating and designing jewel-studded T-shirts and glamorous jewelry all while each waiting for a spa treatment consisting of polishing toenails and fingernails and of course receiving HSM tattoos. In the next room, I was delighted to find a stage, complete with backdrop, amplifying system, microphones and Party Girl's favorite party essential ' a disco ball! Needless to say, I belted out quite a few numbers. The night was young and all my singing made me very hungry, and thankfully after punch and several slices of pizza I had enough room for birthday cake. I loved all of your fabulous presents Noa and I promise to return your fabulous feather boa next time I see you. Happy Birthday from one party girl to the next. After all, Noa and her friends represent the party girls of the future.

Art filled galleries, delicious snacks and wine always brings out the social creature in Party Girl. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Visions Art Gallery had an amazing turn out for the pre-Christmas Art Show filled with beautiful original art from local artists. Bringing out the jolly spirit was Stephen Dimitry, an acoustic guitarist who can put a smile on Party Girl's face any time with his playing. Among the patrons were clay artist Bonnie Jo Mickal and her husband Dr. Don Mickal and their daughter Erin; Lisa Normand and Allison Clarke of "Alisa" jewelry from New Orleans; Louis Chauvin; and artist Catherine Siracusa of Franklin. Many others came and went during this reception, and loads of art was sold ' the obvious alternative to all Party Girl's Christmas shopping. Note to self: put first dibs on the art before it sells!

Not for my eyes only, Bohn & Joseph Eye Center gave new ring to Vanilla Ice's one-hit wonder ' "eyes, eyes baby!" On Thursday, Nov. 29, the optical center hosted a holiday style show. Everyone including Party Girl was dazzled by the new bold colors, textures and styles presented during this exclusive event. "Showing yourself from your most glamorous side is a must ' design may be eye-catching but must embody style and elegance," said Swarovski's Christine Price. Model Tyra Darby provided an enchanting atmosphere displaying her Swarovski glamorized eyes. Bohn & Joseph has the styles it takes to turn a demure woman into a diva with collections from Studio 3, Caviar, Cazal, Judith Leiber, Charriol and Gianni Versace. Swarovski's Karen Lyons said, "Of all the style shows hosted here, this was the most exciting and most attended one yet." Outrageous eyewear has become a fashion statement since Elton John and taking pointers from him, Party Girl happily admits Bohn & Joseph has it all from elegant to outrageous ' they must have known I was coming!

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