Smooth moves

by Kari Walker

Body Plus' smoothies, juices and quick bites help get you bikini-ready

PBJ smoothie from Body Plus is loaded with protein and just as delicious as its sandwich counterpart

Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, it's officially summer - it's also officially pool season. Don't fret if you're winter indulgences of gumbo and lack of diet transformation earlier this spring have left your less that ready to flaunt your two piece.

Lighten up with some menu options from Body Plus in Parc Lafayette and you'll be ready for the beach in no time. The menu at this eatery and fitness boutique is geared to a diet dedicated to lean protein, veggies and busy schedules.

Juices and smoothies fill a bulk of the menu and you can pick your juice based around what kind of health benefits you're looking for such as immune boosting or maybe a good detox from a rough weekend. Body Plus' smoothies start with a protein powder base - soy and whey are available - and then add fruits and flavors as desired.

If you love the taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but want to ditch the bread and cut the fat, try the PBJ smoothie - it's blueberries, peanut butter powder, chocolate whey protein, banana, and a choice of almond or soy milk.

Body Plus also has ready to go wraps, salads and snack like hummus and veggies freshly prepared. If you're busy schedule is keeping you from committing to eating healthier, call ahead and the staff is more than happy to have your smoothie or juice ready for pick up.

Body Plus
1912 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette