EatLafayette Dish of the day: Hub City Diner's grilled shrimp and fried green tomato salad

by Kari Walker

Fresh greens, succulent shrimp and a housemade remoulade

Summertime is here and if the heat has you in search of a refreshing lunch that won't leave you bursting at the seams, then head over to Hub City Diner and order up our dish of the day pick, the grilled shrimp and fried green tomato salad.

Photos by Kari Walker

The tomatoes are light and crispy and are complimented with a housemade remoulade dressing. Hub City loads it all on a bed of Romaine lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh grilled shrimp for $9.99.

The Diner has been hopping since 1990 and there's no doubt it's the place for an old-fashion feel with friendly local service and food - one bite of the Atomic Q's and a sip of a famous frosty chocolate shake and you'll be hooked on this fun casual dining destination. It's also the place for a fast and tasty breakfast of pancakes, French toast and omelets galore.

Hub City Diner
1412 South College Road

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